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Allen Edmonds sale

Their website has many fine shoes at significant discount. For all I know this is common. The only other time I’ve shopped for AE shoes, nothing was discounted.

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Yeah. Got $100 off a pair of boots the other day. Was going to buy them anyway and was pleasantly surprised.
Great tip, and they do have nice sales periodically. For their factory seconds and outlet stuff you can also try calling their store in Port Washington WI. I've bought a bunch in person there and had them shipped them to my house states away.

Since then I've called the store a few times and they've handpicked stuff and shipped it out. Only one of the pairs they handpicked that was a second had an aesthetic blemish worth mentioning. They described it clearly, and it was too minor to care about. You can ask them to skip any with obvious blems, craftsmanship issues, etc.

They'll also have stuff folks order but end up not getting for whatever reason. I got a pair someone ordered at $400 + $60 for a danite sole. It was an exact combo I wanted, and paid like $230 NIB.

Rudy Vey

I go to the Port Washington store several times a year. We have a big customer in the next village, so the stop is mandatory for me whenever I go there.
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