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All-time Favorite Aftershave Balm or Aftershave Splash and Why?

I've been shaving since the early 1960's. I grew up with, and still need, an alcohol splash after a shave. My favorite aftershaves are Captain's Choice Bay Rum or Cat O'Nine Tails, Ogallala Bay Rum when I need a clove fix, or just Dickinson's witch hazel if I'm shaving late and don't want a scented aftershave before I go to sleep.
I’m definitely in the balm camp. I used Nivea Sensitive exclusively for a long time. It’s a good product with a mild sent. It goes with everything, is readily available and good value. It’s though to beat.

I branched out trying lots of balms and had a hard time finding anything better. I eventually found a few but not many and not by much. Nivea Sensitive is my benchmark for balms.

Better than Nivea:
Baume BE
Antica Barbieria Colla

Similar level (but with better scent):
Aqua di Parma
Castle Forbes

Not as good as Nivea:
Zingari Man
Trumpers Skin Food
Truefitt & Hill
DR Harris

Interesting. Would you mind expanding on why you found Zingari worse than Nivea? That is on my shortlist to try.
Splash: Aqua Velva
Balm: Nivea sensitive

I haven't tried many splashes, but aqua velva feels soo good on my skin for a splash.

Nivea sensitive was the first post shave product I tried after I started shaving with a cart in 2012, and it's still going strong. I've tried other balms, but I keep coming back to the good ol' Nivea sensitive.
Summer: Speick
Winter: Proraso White Balm
Really digging: Everything from Wet Shaving Products
Preferences: Subject to change without notice
Balm - Nivea Sensitive is a tried and true go to. However, I just tried a couple samples of Captain's Choice balms (Lime and Bay Rum) and they are very nice. The skin feel and absorption is as good or better than the Nivea and while I prefer a stronger more lasting scent the scent on these two samples is quite nice.

Splash - I am a big fan of Striling Executive Man. My only gripe about this particular splash is that I wish it lingered longer on me. Scent aside. It has a great skin feel. On top of that my wife is a big fan of the scent as well.
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90% of the time, I finish with 4711 cologne used as a splash. Nice bite, great aroma. Otherwise, I use Speick or Fine Italian Citrus AS.

When I need a balm, which isn't often, I turn to Tcheon Fung Sing Bergamotto Neroli. I also use Geo. Trumper Coral Skin Food for general skin care.
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Favorite face feel: Chiseled Face splash. Ghost town Barber is my favorite, but all the ones I’ve tried seem to have a great balance of alcohol, witch hazel, glycerin, and menthol.

Favorite Scent: Old Spice. I’m not old enough to have a strong opinion on Shulton vs P&G, the new stuff smells like what I remember my dad and grandad using.

Favorite all rounder: Proraso Green splash. Feels good, smells good, fades quickly (good and bad), makes skin soft.

And as all the aforementioned were alcohol splashes, favorite balm: Nivea Sensitive. I’m not a fan of aquatic smells, and Nivea does smell like that to me, but on the occasion I give myself razor burn, it does the trick.
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