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All in one available?

Hello all!

So counter space in our new house is going to be tight. And we are tired of using a keurig. I would like to be able to have espresso drinks, as well brew a pot of coffee, or just a single cup of coffee.

Does that kind of machine exist? And is it affordable? Just looking to get one option that will brew it all for us. Doesn’t need to grind or anything.

What is out there? Thanks!

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You might be better served by getting an aeropress and pour-over. Or a small drip machine and whatever else you think is best for single cup brewing. Otherwise you are probably also looking at adding a new coffee grinder which will take up more counter space and budget.
We are trying to get away from the single use pods also. Our goal is less counter space than a large keurig.

Would something like an aero press and an espresso machine do that? I also don’t wanna spend 30+ minutes on making coffee in the morning before work.

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If I read in between the lines correctly I would first focus on a specific brewing method that could meet your workday needs and then consider adding something for the weekend later on. It is hard to beat an auto-drip machine for their interruption free operation once the water and coffee are added. While a pour-over, french-press, aero-press, or espresso are not slow, they require more time and attention.

If you only want a single cup in the morning and like press style coffee then the "Presse by Bobble" might work for you. I have the former version which was known as the "Gamila Impress". I bought it for the ability to press and drink from the same container in order to save time. It takes no counter space and works pretty well. In fact I found the container to insult too well, not allowing me to drink the coffee as fast as I wanted. So while I bought it with a single-cup-to-drink-on-the-drive-work in mind, I found myself using it more as a single cup press pot later in the day.
We are trying to get away from the single use pods also. Our goal is less counter space than a large keurig.
If the reason for wanting to move away from pods is waste and cost, try using refillable ups. Bit more work and mess but the cost is only the ground coffee, not the pod, marketing, and disposal.

Most coffee machines are at least the size of what you have or larger. Machines with small boilers will not have the temp stability needed to make good tasting coffee (assuming good tasting coffee is what you are after). Machines that use thermal blocks instead of boilers do exist, but other than the theory of how they operate I have no first hand experience with a non-boiler thermal block maker. nor do I know the names of any machines you can look at.

Would something like an aero press and an espresso machine do that? I also don’t wanna spend 30+ minutes on making coffee in the morning before work.
A true espresso machine will take up far more room than a Keurig and take at least an hour (or more) to heat up before you can make 1 cup of espresso. There are instant machines but from what I have read, they are not in the same class as a real espresso machine.

Aero press and a microwave to heat water will be about the smallest footprint you will get. 2-3 minutes from start to drinking a cup of coffee so faster than a Keurig. It won't be classy but it will be fast and if you buy fresh roasted coffee it will be good tasting.

A lot of what you will use to make your decision will boil down (pun intended) to what is the most important to you.

Good coffee
Fast coffee
uncluttered counter
time willing to invest
Money willing to invest.

There are millions and millions of people who are very happy hitting the drive through on the way to work to "grab a cup of hot coffee" and there are those will go to extreme lengths to get a great cup of coffee.

More info as to what your goal is would be helpful to go into more details

I agree with the others who have said to figure out what method works best for your schedule and palate first. Then decide which device to get. A decent quality espresso machine is not cheap. If you really want espresso, make sure you are prepared to spend. My daily coffee method is French Press. Yes, it takes little more time but not that much more time than loading a drip machine and turning it on. I think the end result is better and the only thing that sits on my counter is the grinder and container of coffee beans. The french press itself goes into a cabinet along with the manual frother. We also have Keurig for single cups but it really is only there for guests who don't like my strong french press coffee. I don't use it. If you go for a pour over like a Chemex you can probably store that away in a cabinet as well so your counter space is uncluttered.
I appreciate all the advice. Coming from keurig and not a huge fan of Starbucks coffee (will drink it, but there is a lot better out there) my coffee palate is not very refined.

So i would say counter space and good coffee would be the top priority, but this also would be used in the morning before work so I wouldn’t want it to take too long. But 15 minutes would not be unreasonable, I could start it, go shave, and come back to it.

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Find a local shop that stocks Jura machines and see if they have any hooked up to demo.

They are a little pricey but it will be your last coffee machine purchase you'll need to make for a long long time