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Alden Indy Boots: Part 2

After considerable internal debate, I pulled the trigger and bought a pair. I had to think long and hard about the cost and decide if they were worth it.

I have to say after just a few days of wear they are the most comfortable boot I have ever purchased. Thanks to all who gave me input, this is one decision I have no buyer's remorse over.:thumbup:
Based on the earlier Indy boot thread I had my shoe store order me a pair.

Now I just need to be patient as Alden told them there will be a 12-14 week wait until they're made & shipped.

I ordered mine from here http://www.theshoemart.com and only had to wait 4 days.I think they are having a sale at this time on Indy boots. It's just a few dollars less than I paid , but it will cover the cost of the polish.
Outstanding. It will not surprise me if these become your favorite boots you have ever owned.

I have some AE Bayfields and Indys was my close second choice.
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