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Airplane Bathroom Scent

Today I received a soap that I had not yet tried. LOTH took a whiff of it and said that it smelled like an airplane bathroom that had just been cleaned. What soap did I get?


I wonder if the scent will change a bit when lathered.
Oh man, you just started a fire!
Arko smells more like oven cleaner mixed with pine sol to me . I really don't mind it, I added a lot to my bunker stash with my 3 years of food and 40 years of ammunition.
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Congratulations on your acquisition!

I personally love soaps with a strong smell (with the exception of Wilkinson sword puck). The performance of Arko is comparable to way more expensive soaps. You cannot go wrong using Arko

Lol! See! The first time I opened Arko and pressed it into a bowl, my wife went into the bathroom and thought I had been cleaning in there!

LOVE the Arko!
The fragrance is indeed controversial, and perception of fragrance can be subjective. Personally, I had spent time in Arko's land of origin and was familiar with the place as having a centuries-long bathhouse tradition and a requisite classic cultural view of what constituted a good mix of visual, olfactory, and performance criteria for personal care products, with special emphasis on the last of the aforementioned three. That is, I expected something a bit different from what one would pick up at the store a couple blocks away but would definitely work.
Love it, like it, indifferent to it, dislike it, or loathe it, the fragrance will waft about when lathered. If you store it in an open mug or bowl, the fragrance will slowly dissipate and not be so strong after a couple days aired out.
I am perfectly ok with the scent, and with the memories it brings of places far away. Since it whips up lather so abundantly and efficiently, it is the product for about 60 percent of my shaves.
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I had my first shave with it today. It was quite misleading. I pressed the stick into a Stirling tin. I loaded my brush and went to a bowl for lathering. I use a lot of product because I do 3 passes plus touch up on my face, neck, and head. The lather seemed a bit flat. Maybe I needed more water. My first impressions were that it was just average on slickness and protection. But it ended up being a very good shave. The performance was excellent! :thumbup:


I knew it had to be arko. It's first impression was not good for me, but I've grown to love this soap.
Personally, I think it smells like a classic Ivory soap with a hint of lemon. I don't find it all that bad myself, but that's just me.
Ohh come on man. Bathroom smell. I can understand some of you may not like the smell but not a bathroom smell.
I find it similar like a Turkish bath (Hammam)
İt reminds us a cleanness. We have asked them if they are thinking an alternative smell but sorry big company no reply.
If you like the smell, "Hacı Sakir" hand and body soap also gives a similar clean turkish bath smell.
When I get into toilets in our job after cleaning has been done, I really feel like someone has used Arko for shaving before I came in, lol
After a few uses, I threw the stick under my shed to chase the critters living there. I'm old and life's too short for Arko.
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