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AI Generated coffee ??



three-tu-tu, three-tu-tu
Interesting. They're doing great things with drivers for the golf industry. I'm still open to the possibility that they got lucky.
Not sure what to think of this. I'm all for using technology to improve efficiency or the end product. Just not sure AI is the right fit here. However, I am open to the possibility that I am wrong.
Artificial Intelligence is a wonderful idea, that will fall apart went the electricity supply goes off. Thank goodness I can make fire 5 or 6 ways to heat water in a pot in my yard, use old sock filter to make coffee, after I use my antique bead grinder.
Dear @DesertIguana : I regret that I will not be attending the next meeting of the Old Sock Coffee Filter Club.


Good friend is World Traveler, he was in Costa Rica, told story of BEST CUP OF COFFEE he ever had.

He was traveling from one City to another, the guy who was driving suggest it was breakfast time, so the stopped in middle of nowhere.

There is small home with tile roof, apparently the guy grew coffee, his roading method was putting the bean in sun on roof. They told the guy we want coffee with breakfast, he had had grinder, can of water over open fire, and bean went into OLD SOCK that was apparently white long ago. Guy dunked sock in and out of hot water, until the water was right color. As my friend said that was the best cup of coffee he ever had.

Breakfast was also simple, tortillas, scramble egg with local sausage, and some home made sauce. Yum Yum. Black Coffee made very old school the best
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