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Ahem…..Best Frozen Microwave Pizza?

I’m almost embarrassed to ask this but let me share why. My wife makes incredible pizza from scratch on Fridays, when I’m home. I am not home, rather on a contract, working long hours and sleeping in our tiny RV. Basically, I’m a bachelor again and I do not have an oven. I had a hankering for a frozen pizza and got lost in the super market, browsing literally what seemed like 100 different frozen pizzas.

Since the first dozen I checked out did not have microwave instructions, I settled on a pasta dish. Mind you, I might eat a frozen meal twice a month however, I really wanted a quick microwave pizza tonight lol. Is there one out there that has decent toppings covered in cheesey love and a fairer than cardboard crust? Is this even a thing?
EDIT: Sorry ... brainfart ... I didn't notice it was "microwave only" .... my bad for not reading closely before I responded. sorry. It just might work in a microwave, never tried.

This isn't quite pizza ... but if you have a trader joe's nearby you can buy their "Garlic Naan" or the plain Naan if you don't like garlic. I haven't tried it with tomato sauce or any kind of sauce --- but I just pile on some grated cheese and sliced mushrooms, sliced olives, peppers, onions or whatever and pop it in a toaster oven for a couple of minutes with the top element (broiler) on as well as the bottom element -- the naan is already cooked but frozen so it just needs to be in the toaster oven for a few minutes. I think it's better than most frozen pizza's I've tried.

P.S. Trader Joes has really good frozen pizza too!
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Next time the microwave dies, replace it with a Breville Smart Oven. It is much more versatile and big enough to handle a frozen pizza. I like Red Baron ok, but our HEB line, Midtown, is wonderful.

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I’m almost embarrassed to ask this but...

...best to ask around among a bunch of guys/gals of a certain age who've probably had to face that dilemma a time or two. So good on ya! May I make a somewhat divergent suggestion?

"Tlayuda" might fix your fix. Also known as "Oaxacan Pizza," tlayuda is a corn tortilla toasted on a griddle or in a skillet, then topped with sauce, meat, peppers, onions, cheese, crema, asiento...go nuts if you want. Sauce and meat are already cooked, and you could give the onions a quick saute or even just chop and nuke them for a minute.

Real tlayuda generally come on a 12-inch tortilla, but you can use standard size corn tortillas or I suppose could even use a wheat tortilla. You'd just make about four little ones to equal one big one. :)

I'm assuming you have some kind of cooktop or hotplate. If not, my apologies and also condolences on a truly hardship posting.



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I have no advice. It's been a while since I've had any microwave pizza, but I am listening to the advice here.

I'm also enjoying fond memories of the absurd number of Pillsbury microwave pizzas I while in college.


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I'd be interested in a good microwave pizza .. I've yet to have one.

Without an real oven, I'm not sure it's possible - DiGiorno's frozen is passable but I think not micro - friendly.

My quick pizza urges are filled with leftover homemade that I've frozen, heated in a combo of microwave & skillet. Finishing with the skillet crisps the crust up a little over the limp wet dough produced by a microwave
Just buy a good air fryer and you can cook your pizza in that and it will be as good as a real oven. A Philips is compact enough for an RV.
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