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Ageing without hoarding


Oh, call it what you will, that stuff is great for tins that almost seal. As well as all my time in food servce has given me stupendous food wrapping skills.
Cater- wrap everything!
"Chef, why do we cater wrap everything?!" ," Ever have to clean 2 gallons of cheese sauce out of the back of a van?" "No." "Yeah, me either."


Still smoking through what's left of the samples, but am certainly getting nearer to needing to open something bigger. Here's what's currently in the live blend tins...

Eng: Kendal Balkan Mixture
Vir/Per: Germains Virginia Gold Leaf
Aro: Radfords Mixture blended with Germain's Royal Jersey Cavendish and Virginia
Lake: GH Bosun Flake
Misc: *empty*

And here's what's lurking in pouches to refill those tins with...

Sam G Balkan Flake (10g)
Kendal Exmoor Flake (10g)

Sam G Golden Glow (10g)

Sam G Palace Gate (10g)
Erinmore Mixture (25g)

GH Ennerdale Mixture (10g)
GH Dark Flake Unscented (15g)
Sam Gawith CH Flake (10g)
Condor Long Cut (50g)

GH Best Brown #2 Unscented (10g)
Three Nuns (40g)
Gold Block (40g)
Brookfield No.4 - Bourbon (50g)
GH Louisiana Flake (50g)

So I'm finally getting somewhere nearer opening full pouches. Still 340g to smoke before needing to crack a tin though, and that's not counting the random bits in the small jars. It's all stuff I'm really looking forward to smoking too.

I am quite low on Virginias and Vapers, but the Louisiana Flake (chocolate VaPer) and simple VaBur blends will plug that gap for now. I don't think I'll be getting tired of what I've got to hand anytime soon.
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