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Age Your Beard / Mustache Really Came In.

I thought this could be helpful information for younger guys just starting there first beard or mustache and wondering if and when it will come in. I'm sure some were fully bearded in your teens and others still have patches that wont fill in.

I've had some form of a beard and mustache since I was 19, but it was pretty sad in the beginning. My chin came in pretty well, but I was around 25 before my mustache looked decent at all, but I still kept it. The stache didn't connect to the beard until I was around 30. I think I saw my first white beard hairs before it was even filled in. I'm almost 40 now, and have a pretty respectable beard, but feel like the cheeks are still getting slightly fuller with each passing year.

So how about you guys. When did your beard really fill in?
It's hard to say. I first grew a beard at 16 but it was quite scrappy so I got rid of it after a month or two. I didn't try to grow one again until a few months after my 21st birthday and it was a nice full beard. Had I continued to try to grow one I don't know if it wouldn't have been a good beard until 21, or if it would have started coming in nicely earlier. Over the next 25 years I'd have a beard or goatee almost exclusively (I would shave it for a few weeks to a month here and there every few years, but if you added all the time together I didn't have a beard or goatee during that time it might have added up to 6 months, maybe). I cut it off after "no shave November" because I wasn't going to keep the facial hair style my students voted for for long, and because it has become far too gray.
I started having a mustache at age 14, which was quite lame because people would laugh at me but my dad didn't agree that I start shaving at such a young age. By 20 I think I peaked and now I have to shave every other day because my beard and stache grow really fast.
Most people I know got facial hair around 16. Kinda awkward that I also know a girl that has a noticeable mustache and she is 21. I really don't get it.


I didn't start shadowing until my 30s sometime. Before that I could go two to three days without shaving and still be presentable.
57+, I'm still waiting. My wife refers to the time I attempted to grow a beard as the year I ruined Christmas! My "beard" is no where near the point to where it would be taken seriously. If I want a more rugged unkempt look I would probably look best at a 3-5 day growth. I'm somewhat anti-facial hair. In all seriousness, there are few guys who can actually pull the look off and a lot more guys who think they can but don't. For every decent beard/mostache out there there are probably 10 or more bad ones.


my mustache was pretty thick the day I got married when I was 23 then, I probably didn't get a full connecting beard until 25. This really makes me think of that Sinatra song:
When I was 25 it was a very good beard. It was a very good beard that grew from my chin. The patches all filled in, and it made me feel alive, when I was 25.
My dad gave me an old Philishave Electric razor when I was 14 and said I better use it. It took me a couple months before I switched to a Trac II because the electric razor wasn't giving me a decent shave. My buddies were a couple years older, so maybe that helped, but I was able to get into bars at 16 after I grew a full beard and mustache. I've grown winter beards pretty much every year since.