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Aftershaves with scents that don't linger?

So I love ending my shave with an aftershave splash. Particularly one that engulfs me in a wonderful scent. I have many PAA aftershaves but the problem is that I find many or most of them pretty strong - I think this is by design - but for me it means I can't use these scents when I'm going to be working in my office or meeting people because I don't want them to smell my aftershave. I love using these aftershaves when I'm going to be hanging around the house.

Does anyone have recommendations for aftershaves that give off a great fragrance initially but then the fragrance dissipates? I'd love to use these on days when I work in an office or meet people. Some aftershaves I've found that fit this description are Captain's Choice Lime, North, and Bay Rum as well as some of the EO scented Stirling Aftershaves such as Gin and Tonic and Tea Tree.

Any other great aftershaves I can use which won't have me wondering if people in my office can all smell my aftershave?
I prefer aftershaves that don't linger too long, and Proraso Green is my first choice. I also like Captain's Choice Nor'easter.
I’ll chime in with Proraso green as well. I also find that William’s AV (spanish version) goes on strong, but fades by the time I’ve made it to work. (20 mins or so.)
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