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Aftershaves The Wife Likes You To Wear

My wife likes Bay Rum (VIBR, Capt's Choice, etc), and not much else. She'll tolerate AV, Clubman original, Skin Bracer, Veg etc, but cannot stand Clubman's Special Reserve.
My wife used to love Floris' New Mown Hay but its discontinued so long now that even vintage bottles seldom show up on auction sites anymore. She likes bay rum, esp. St Johns. She used to tolerate Roger and Gallet L'Homme, but my days of $60 designer colognes are long over. I prefer traditional stuff now anyway. She's come around to like powdery Euro products like Vitos or Floids. She really likes my recent acquisition of Figaro Monsieur Gold. That said, she doesn't like much. I have 6 or 8 longtime faves that I only use when I am going to be out all day. As I am blessed to have a job, that works out just fine.
My significant other prefers Stetson or Old Spice. Naturally, I can't stand either. Some fragrance component in that scent category (Old Spice, Stetson, Clubman, Brut to a lesser extent) makes me nauseated and headachey. Even the colognes and deodorants do it. The search continues... She tolerates AV, so the strife is minimal.
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