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Aftershaves The Wife Likes You To Wear

The way I describe Bravas to people is that it makes any man smell like Tommy Lee Jones looks.


SWMBO especially likes Pinaud clubman, OS classic, and Fine AB (and she has excellent taste)! :thumbup1:
She likes all I have in my arsenal, but one of her most sensual favorites is Jovan Musk, really great for getting the "cats meow" motivated. $sexy-time-298x232.jpg
Fine Platinum and Folsom & Co Shambala get the thumbs up. Most everything else she says is just ok, except Captains Choice Bay Rum which she can't stand because of the cloves.
My wife likes Debonair from Strop Shoppe and JS Sloane balm. The Debonair has a great sophisticated cent and the JS Sloan has a nice fresh scent she likes when we climb in to bed. (For sleep!)
SWMBO doesn't like any of my after shaves except one. Her excuse is they're all "too spicy". The only one she does like is.....Old Spice. Yeah, I know.
My wife seems to like the classics like Clubman, Old Spice, Bay Rum and AV. When I try something new or complex she balks. I for one like "old man" or "old school" scents. I guess I am an old man so I embrace it!
My wife likes everything in my ASB rotation:
T&H Grafton
Stirling Bay Rum
Pre de Provence 63
BathHouse Spanish Fig & Nutmeg
Caswell Massey Almond

But NOT the Veg
I've tried a lot of after shaves and colognes, and the only one my wife always comments on is Clubman Pinaud. She says as far as she's concerned, it's my scent and I can stop trying new things.
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