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Aftershaves The Wife Likes You To Wear

Lilac Vegetal-- hands down her absolute favorite and quite possibly the only reason she married me
AV Ice Sport
Gillette Cool Wave

She's obviously into that "fresh" scent that seems to unnerve some people on here because it's not a plant or a tree. To each his or her own. :001_smile
My wife likes Aqua Velva Ice Blue on me the most. A close second is Stetson Cooling Moisture. My daughter who is almost 2 demands extra hugs when I wear Old Spice that added lime essential oil and menthol crystals to it just so she can smell it on me.
My wife loves pinaud bay rum. It's the only time that she's ever commented on any aftershave I've worn, well except to say that she hates Aqua Velva Ice...


My wife likes the classic barbershop scents (fortunately), especially Pinaud clubman and Fine AB!
I think I either must be lucky, or my wife is just being very supportive of my shaving addiction because she seems to like any AS or cologne I wear typically, even bay rum stuff.

I believe the only one she might stick her nose up at but not admit it is Respect by Soap Commander.
Regardless of what I wear she says I smell "like an old man", so I wear whatever I want - which is the old classics: Old Spice, Aqua Velva, Barbasol Brisk, Bay Rum or Clubman. :thumbup:
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