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Aftershaves The Wife Likes You To Wear

I do know that men and women like differing smells. But, for aftershaves, I have found the wifey likes many of the classics. The wife really like a good aftershave. The kids hate it, because she wants to kiss all over my face, and they think two "old people" kissing is gross. Tuff, don't look.
Two of her favorite aftershaves for me are:
Pinaud Clubman
Old Spice(Shulton, or Indian)

For you women shavers out there, what scent does your man like on you, after shaving? I like anything rose smelling on the wife.
The Wife likes Clubman original, musk, and citrus musk, as well as PAA the beach, and Stirling Vanilla Sandalwood. Her opinion varies when it comes to AV ice blue (sometimes she likes it, other times I "smell like an old man"). She hates skin bracer.

She doesn't use any aftershaves.


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Although my wife and I very much like many of the "classics," an allergy prohibits me from wearing them. Still, we find away to not only survive but also thrive. She seems particularly attracted to citrus, mint, herbal, and woody scents. DRH Arlington gets a lot of love, too.
Of what I own, L'Occitane L'Occitan. Choices include Clubman Pinaud (it's OK), L'Occitane Cade (this is her second choice), Stirling Barbershop (dries too powdery for her taste), Stirling Sandalwood (it's OK). She really likes the smell of my Stirling coco forest soap... I may have to get the AS (or ASB if they make it).
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August West

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Her favorite is St John's Bay Rum.

DR Harris Sandalwood is a close second.

Bootlegger's Perfecto is also well liked.
Like me my wife was chosen and she likes me to wear Lilac Vegetal. The home she grew up in had mature lilac bushes down the side of the house where her bedroom was located and in May they would bloom for a few weeks and fill her house with the scent of lilac's. She also like's my Polo Green and Floris JF. She is pretty tolerant (mostly generic comments such as "thats nice") of most of the aftershave I use but clearly doesn't care for sandalwood.
My wife has only commented on three from my den, and loved them all : Clubman, Floid Vigoroso and Stirling Executive Man


My wife likes Tabac, hates the Veg ("talcum-powdered cow patty"), and is indifferent to my other 30 AS splashes.
Every day, I smear a bit of my ASB on a cotton wipe and put it into a tiny plastic zip lock bag for my wife to sniff during her day. She pretty much loves them all and it's a standing joke how she dependably misidentifies them among the 6 or 7 in my rotation. She always guesses Tabac, Speick or Bay rum. She is accidentally correct about on time in 10.

She pretty much loves everything, but did compare The Veg to urinal cakes.
The only one that she seems to have taken any notice of was Skin Bracer, and it was sort of indifferent. "You smell like baby powder." She didn't say in a good or bad way; just that I did. Still trying to find the one that she notices and likes. Whenever I ask, she tells me to find something that is "cool and crisp, like a mountainside." Whatever that means.
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