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FS Aftershaves: Myrsol samples; WSP; LASSCo; B&M Latha

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Up today are some AS products that just aren’t getting much attention from me:


Myrsol Samples: First up are 8 samples that make up most of the Myrsol line. I bought seven of them (Blue, Don Miguel, Electric Shave, Formula C, Formula K, F/Extra, and Plastic) to check out myself and have included a sample of my favorite Myrsol – Antesol. These samples were purchased from Groomatorium and Maggards’ and cost about $20 all together. They all have had a splash/spray or two out of them – about 90% full or more. Selling for $15 shipped CONUS.


Los Angeles Shaving Soap Co. – Topanga Fougere: This is an unopened bottle of my favorite Fougere scent. I bought a couple at once and have now realized I won’t ever get to the bottom of the first. Want to pass it on to someone else to enjoy. Sells for $21.99. I’m willing to sell for $17.00 shipped CONUS.

Wet Shaving Products – Royal Leather: WSP’s great AS base (Witch Hazel, Glycerin, Allantoin), scented to order. WSP describes Royal Leather as “A rich & dense blend of citrus top notes on a leather & wood base.” Very nice scent – although one that doesn’t agree with my wife. 85-90% full. I bought it for $20. Selling for $14 shipped CONUS.

Barrister and Mann - Latha Limon Post-Shave: Unlike the other AS products I’m selling today, this one didn’t really appeal to me. As you may know, B&M has discontinued its Latha line, so I thought I’d get this to someone who likes it. It was $8. I’m asking $4 shipped CONUS to cover my shipping expenses.
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