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Aftershave sample shops?

Do you have any recommendations for any online stores/shave shops that sell aftershave samples? I recently purchased the "best sellers" aftershave samples from West Coast shaving (Fine - American, Speick, Old Spice, Proraso Green, Captain's Choice Bay Rum, Ogalla Bay Rum and Sandalwood). Not a bad little selection. I have a bottle of Fine American and Captain's Choice Bay Rum, but I love them both and certainly don't mind having more.

However, I'd love to sample more (Floid, Royall Lyme, Tabac, Osage Rub, Dominica Bay Rum, etc.)
I don't know of a one stop shop, unless Maggard's does what WCS does. However, individual artisans usually sell samplers. Stirling, Captain's Choice, etc. Happy hunting!
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