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Aftershave Ramblings

I just felt like rambling this morning, after I looked at the aftershaves on my shelf.

Putting myself in perspective, I like my whiskey neat (not adulterated with ice, water or anything else). I can appreciate the better whiskies, but when I go to buy a bottle I will stand before the Jamieson's Irish and the Famous Grouse Scotch, and end up flipping a coin. If I buy another brand and don't enjoy it as much, I have to finish it (it is written somewhere that you can't throw whiskey away). or serve it to guests.

So with that, my ramblings on AS that are on the shelf;
Aqua Velva Original Sport (Green) - OK, but nothing special scent wise. Lacks character
Brut - this one has some character, but when you spend a few hours with it, it fades into the wood work
Blue Stratos - probably a case where memory of the of the old formulation has grown to the point where the new stuff just can't match the memory. So I'll say "not memorable"
Pinaud Clubman - said to be a staple, but it doesn't portray the picture that I imagine. A little too talcomy and delicate.
Old Spice Original (from India) - I love the bite of this one, and depending on which soap I used this is an essential for me. When I use the Copper Hat Bay Rum soap, I have to use this AS.
Anthony and Gold Bay Rum - I think they forgot to add the bay rum to the bottle I have, or my olfactory gland totally shut down when I smell it.
Anthony and Gold Red Cedar - wonderful cedar smell. An essential for those days when I want to think I walking in the Pacific North West forests, or even when I'm actually walking in them.
Nivea Skin Balm - I need this for those days where i go somewhere that has those incidious signs telling us not to wear scents. A pox on them!

So when some bottles get emptied, I'll probably replace the AV and Brut with a Special Reserve, keep the Red Cedar and Old Spice, and find something else to try in place of the Blue Stratos, Clubman, and A&G Bay Rum.

If I shave twice day will they go down faster? Can't throw any away! No room on the shelf for more bottles! HELP!

Have fun.

You could try mixing a couple of half full bottles together, creating both a new AS sensation to share with us all, and creating space for a new bottle. Or you could use them up, one at a time ("3017ing"), efficiently creating space. :)
I used Brut the other day for the first time in quite a while and was surprised how powdery it seemed to me. There was an initial vetiver and licorice type scent that quickly gave way to smelling like an old woman's handbag.
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