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Aftershave Procedure

What is your aftershave procedure??

I use cold water rub alum stone
Use styptic pen any weepers (occasional)
Take 5 min smoke break
Than apply aftershave splash

Iv used post shave , no results as far as protective layer , I assume softens the hair for easier cutting

I like stirling soap ( almost like no aftershave splash needed) due to the amount of parfum

Occasionally iv gotten razor burn / skin dry ... Being in California ,,, where I have just switched to TOB or Proraso ... Iv found just wash your face in this alone will fix that immiadetly.

I plan on buying stirling , witchhazel and aloe ...as a solution
I use a cold water splash followed by either Proraso green balm or a plain cheap moisturiser to which I have added menthol. After this I finish with an aftershave or EDT. I seem to use a lot more scent than I used to, either they are not as strong as they used to be due to years in the bottle or reformulation, or my sense of smell is worsening as I get older. Either way, I use plenty of aftershave these days. If it burns then so much the better, I LOVE the burn, which is why I very rarely use alum.
I do the following.... it seems like a lot, but is second nature once it becomes a habit.

1. Warm water rinse
2. Cold water rinse
3. Alum
4. Clean up gear with alum on
5. Cold water rinse then pat dry
6. Witch hazel
7. Aftershave splash
8. Moisurizer if needed
I go with a face rinse and dry, a splash of witch hazel and then followed by aftershave. I usually give the witch hazel a minute or so to dry before applying the after shave.


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I re-lather with the lather that I have left.
I clean the brush
I clean my face with cold water
A bit of aftershave splash and off I go.
I change my routine based on the seasons.
I rinse will cold water. I then wipe face dry. I follow that by applying an aftershave splash(use a splash that fits the season best with scent and moisturizing properties), and finally I use a balm only if my aftershave splash doesn’t moisturize enough, but I only feel the need to use balms in the dry winter months.


Mine is fairly set. Take a washcloth in cool water and remove any lather and put it on my face and neck. Sometimes I apply an alum block but most times don't. Then comes Thayers Rose Petal WH which I gently massage onto my face and neck. I then shower and apply an aftershave splash or balm.
Cold rinse.
Aloe gel.
AB AS splash on face, neck, arms, run hands thru hair.
Smooch woman.
Out the door. Look out, world.