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Aftershave...just because

I definitely apply AS splash every morning and I shave in the evenings so use it there as well. I prefer it to stronger cologne like products.
I put some aftershave after a shower even if I don't shave. I usually shave every morning but sometimes, when I play outside, I have to jump in the shower after. In those cases, aftershave afterwards.
I thought I was the only one who splashed on a bit of aftershave (in my case, Clubman Special Reserve) after every shower, shave or not.
I shave in the mornings and alternate my numerous aftershave splashes and sometime follow with a dab of Nivea Sensitive Balm. If I exercise in the afternoon, I take another shower and splash on Osage Rub! Love that invigorating old time barbershop smell and menthol. Even rub some through my hair.


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EdC is Eau de Cologne
EdT is Eau de Toilette

my understanding is to the concentration of the product