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Aftershave idea

I use Aqua Velva aftershave, I have small half pint mason jar which I fill with cotton balls. Then I mix Aqua Velva 1/2 and 1/2 with rubbing alcohol and pour it in on top of my cotton balls. To use I take a cotton ball out, rub it on my face which will clean away loose whiskers and apply the right amount of aftershave, then throw the used cotton ball in the trash.
Hmmm. Not sure why an alcohol swab is needed to clean away loose whiskers that a goo rinse won't handle. But enjoy what works for you.
And if you buy witch hazel in name only (since witch hazel means having 14% alcohol, IIRC) you won't experience the sting. I would not apply alcohol of any sort to my face let alone aqua velva.
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sounds messy and bad for your skin. too much alcohol is not good for you, inside or out.

how about you mix the AV with WH?
What percent alcohol is Aqua Velva? If you're the sort who's worried about moisturizing your skin, I imagine alcohol splash aftershave is not your thing.

Drug store isopropyl is 70 or 91%. Is that going to be any worse than straight Aqua Velva? I would think it's just diluting the other ingredients.
I'd use witch hazel instead of pure alcohol, you'll get the same sting but with a whole bunch of skin healthy side effects.
I don't like to smell like I bathed in aftershave like some people do so I water it down, the alcohol I buy is 50%, I also don't want to waste aftershave. Plus Household 6 gets upset when I use washcloths for shaving and get blood on them. So really it kills 3 birds with 1 stone. As for witch hazel my barber uses it after my haircut every week and I can't stand the smell of it. I'm really not worried about moisturizing my skin, I have oily skin so the alcohol is good for it.
I have a stash of cheap washcloths in colours my wife will not use, they are for shaving only. if they become bloody or stained they get thrown out. they're only cheap ones but they do the job.
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