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Aftershave for the winter months? (Sensitive skin)

So I have pretty sensitive skin and need something more heavy in the winter. Right now I just use TGR aftershave balm and I absolutely love it and love the ingredients and the fact it's "clean" but it simply doesn't hydrate my skin enough when it's cold in the winter. Any reccomendations? I've hear about hydrolast but if like feedback first. Also any tips on other things I could be doing to reduce irritation/ hydrate my skin?

Comments appreciated
I recommend Ogallala aftershaves, it's chalk full of witch hazel and other goodness. So far i've tried the bay rum and sandalwood, and the bay rum, limes and peppermint (a bit floral but very limey). The sandalwood is awesome in my opinion, it kinda tightens the face up a bit, then leaves it feeling nice an smooth and happy. It doesn't have any negative effects with my eczema so it should be good for sensitive skin.
Olivia seifs winter AS is great. You choose the scent you like. Since it is freezing here in western PA I have been using the AS after my shaves and my face feels soft and hydrated after it for almost the whole day.
one aftershave that doesn't get much love around here, but I find really great, is the eShave balm. Not the lotion in the bottle, but the balm in the tub (looks just like a soap tub). It is INCREDIBLY moisturizing without being greasy (Shea butter!), and I think the white tea scent is quite awesome.

The Gentlemans Refinery aftershave is also quite nourishing.

3rd place honorable mention - Cade aftershave
The Institut Karite 25% shea cream is great. I'm using a dab from the jar, not greasy, almost unscented.
One of the few shave items I've had to reorder; and it seems that they reformulated it to be a little more concentrated.

$institut karit bb may 12.jpg
Nivea Sensitive post shave balm is priced well and effective. I use it all winter in the Northeast climate. YMMV.
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