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Aftershave Bingo: Game On!

So, everyone is welcome to sign up at the Bingo Survivors Club for the game that @CBLindsay will be hosting. I'm going to go ahead and finish this one now: "B&B Bingo"

18 asprin54 Aftershaves.jpg

Oh yeah, I will be at least temporarily retiring for forum bingo.
Congrats Michael! Great game it was, thanks to Bruce and Don! KJ left Bingo in right hands! Well, folks see you next time! And, not to forget, what were upcoming words?
And, not to forget, what were upcoming words?

Still need verification first.

Wow!!! 2 in a row. I know I was paid off... What did you pay Bruce?

No payoffs were made, contrary to what has been said. You wish you got paid for all the flak you took.

Hey! I stayed out of this game so I wouldn't get called a cheater.....never can catch a break.

Guess I'm now a member of that club as well now.
Well I think we can make it official...


You are officially the winner of the Aftershave Addition of Badger & Blade Bingo! I don't know how you did it...but you have won two forum games in a row! I think you can officially join the prestigious ranks of a Cheater. Enjoy your moment...because...well...umm...yeah you will probably win again!

Thank you Bruce @Graybeard57 for hosting this game in your forum and for running a very well oiled machine! We might have to recruit you for another game at some point.

Thank you Dave @skypsyd for creating a very interesting and entertaining teaser video to entice unsuspecting victims...I mean...joyful participants to play this wonderful game.

But most of all...Thank you all for playing this "Stress Free" game. I hope you had fun and I encourage you all to join us at 3BSC for the next straight up Bingo game where we have a traveling prize! I also encourage all of you to sign up for our next Forum Game which will likely be sometime at the beginning to middle of May.

Thank you all again and have a wonderful day!
Wow that was a fast one. I remember last year's Aftershave Bingo was SO traumatizing I went into hiding for the better part of 9 months, this one wasn't so painful. ... or WAS it?
And all this since Don took over as the Bingo Coordinator.....

Wait...to be fair...it technically wasn't three in a row. He one a 3BSC game...Won the Soap Forum Game...then called the last 3BSC game...and now won this game...

But I will say that I have been enjoying some nice shaving wares...:001_rolle
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