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Aftershave Balms with long lasting scents?

Do aftershave balms with the scent staying power of a potent aftershave exist? If so which brands and which of them are your favourite?

Not interested in an EDT.

I like aftershave for what it does and the oomph of a handsome scent to finish the ritual. But I really like Nivea aftershave Balm for the face feel and post shave protection and now I'm wondering if there are strong smelling balms out there. I've got a proraso green post shave Balm but it smells antiseptic and although its scent lasts longer than the Nivea I think it's unpleasant.

Fine accoutrements is excellent in every aspect, staying power and performance, but hurry since they are closing down their current line up
most aftershaves, whether balm or splash, are not very long-lasting.
of mine, The Art of Shaving's sandalwood aftershave gel (no longer in production) is exception.

art of shaving sandalwood kent schulze tuesday december 6 2016.jpg
Out of basic curiosity, I once sprayed an EdP into a tub of unscented balm and it worked well. But since you're not interested in a bottle of fragrance, this hack might not be right for you.
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