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Aftershave acquisition thread

Here is a place where we can post our newest aftershave acquisitions. This can include AS, ASB, oils, or creams and can include new, NOS, or vintage products. Pictures are also welcomed!

I will lead off with my newest aftershave acquisition: Brickell Instant Relief Aftershave.

What is your newest aftershave acquisition?
Had a delivery of a 337ml bottle of clubman citrus musk arrive the weekend. Loved it so much on opening the 50ml bottle I had to have more.
I found a full bottle of vintage Old Spice After Shave (Gift Set 384 1953-59) a GEM SE and a Gillette Old Type Big Fellow and some carbon steel blades -- comparing the new OS to the vintage OS, the vintage has a much deeper, longer-lasting scent (8 hours and it's still lightly there) that my wife really likes, well worth $10. I wish the glass deodorant container was there as well (even if it was empty) to complete the set, but I'm going to use it occasionally, and maybe order some of the OS made in India from West Coast Shaving to compare.

Big Fellow.jpg
I went all in at Appleton Barber Supply. I might be just a little nostalgic for the classic barbershop. These and a few other items got me to the magic free shipping.

I primarily expect to experiment with various mixes, but now I can also go whole hog with AS during my summer outdoors time.
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