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Afternoons with my samovar


I grew up on black tea brewed in a samovar — and the samovar was on all day. Years later, I am amazed at how little some things have changed.

I work out at the gym every morning, where I also steam, shave and shower, in that order. In the afternoon, I work from home as a freelance writer and novelist.

And my samovar of tea is on all afternoon.

Teas: a big variety, depending on the mood, including some of my own blends.
Coffee: a variety, including some of my own blends, and drunk only in early morning.

Razors: Edwin Jagger 89L, Edwin Jagger "Chatsworth" barley, Edwin Jagger "Chatsworth" mock ivory, Cyryl Salter, Muhle 89L, Merkur 34C, and several straights.

Creams: Trumper rose, Taylor rose, Truefitt & Hill unscented, Caswell-Massey unscented.

Soaps: Tabac, Truefitt & Hill, Gold Dachs, Caswell-Massey, Edwin Jagger.

Colognes and aftershaves: Trumper Spanish Leather, Truefitt & Hill Spanish Leather, Woods of Windsor, Caswell-Massey No. 6, Taylor No. 74 Victoria Lime, Praroso, Pashana, Tabac, English Leather, Pinaud Clubman, and Florida Water.

Added together, all that gives life such a sweet tingle.


A minor correction in the razors: Muhle is 89R and Edwin Jagger 89L. Oh, well, they're both lovely razors.

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