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Just saying hello, having been pointed in this direction by a fellow member on another forum.

After zero wet shaving experience until the age of 40 I'm now four shaves deep with the straight razor I bought to the tidy the edges of my beard and I love the experience.

So far I only have the razor and have been slumming it with hand soap / stropping on the back of an old belt, however I have a couple of sticks of Arko on the way (thanks to the high opinions of it on this forum) and am looking at suitable strops and other necessary peripherals.

I'm not going to ask for recommendations as I'm sure these basic questions have been asked a thousand times before and that the info's all here if I look for it - the forum looks like a fantastic resource!

I have so much to learn but can feel myself improving with every shave, am really enjoying the process and looking forward to the journey rather than arrival at the destination for once :)
Thanks for the warm welcome guys.

I suspect I'll spend most of my time in the straight razor forum, and thanks for the thought about the Wiki - I'd not noticed that and expect it'll answer a lot of my noob questions!
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