After some suggestions for a natural looking, non crispy hair styling product

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    Am after some suggestions for a decent hair product to use, I am currently using pomades but cannot find one I like, the oil based ones are a nightmare to wash out and just generally more greasy than I like, the water based ones tend to dry crispy like a gel and give a look that is gel like and dry at the same time.
    What I am after is something that is not greasy looking but does not make my hair look dry, basically something with decent hold that is relatively natural looking, any ideas
  1. Vitalis
  2. 1. Baxter of California Clay
    2. Kevin Murphy Hair Resort
    3. Paul Mitchell Clean Cut
    4. Axe Natural Look Hair Cream
    5. V76 by Vaughn
    6. Malin + Goetz
    7. Dove Men + Care paste
    8. Fellow Barber Styling Cream
    9. Bumble & Bumble
    10. Layrite Cement
  3. Lucky Tiger 3-purpose tonic is also worth considering
  4. I first tried a hair tonic, Jeris without oil and was pleased. The only thing I didn't like about Jeris is the all day long scent. It is a nice scent, but any scent that long under my nose is too much.

    I settled with Groom & Clean. The product is greaseless and almost scent free. The hold is adjustable by amount used as is the shine. I can wear this product all day without any irritation. Not much information on G&C on this site. It is sort of confusing for such a great product.

  5. Layrite natural matte cream
  6. NAK - outtacontrol

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  7. Plain old aloe vera :)
  8. I use Groom&Clean, for more years than I remember. Great hold, and I have a dry scalp. Groom&Clean has lanolin and keeps my scalp moisturized, and when I shower it gives it sort of a pre rinse before I shampoo. Better hold for me than tonics or brylcreem. I still use tonics in the morning after my shower and before applying Groom&Clean, as I like the scent of Pinaud clubman and eau de quinine tonics. Vive la Groom&Clean :)
  9. d:fi d:struct is a product I like.

    I find two variables that matter:
    How much product you use (doesn't take much).
    How damp your hair is at the time of application.

    If your hair is too wet when you apply you can get that crispy look when it dries, but it goes away as soon as you run a comb through it.
  10. You might look into a styling wax. It does all that you are looking for in texture and hold but can also be used to create a slick/wet look if applied to wet hair. It will comb/brush out to a dry look that is pliable, not crunchy.
  11. I just tried Dapper Dan "Matt Paste" yellow can. I don't like it, can't recommend it. It gives a dead greasy feel.
  12. I really like the pomade by Barrister and Mann. It's kinda pricey at $12 or so... But light, lasting fragrance and firm, but not crisp hold. Washes out very easily, too.

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