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After shaving if you use post products then what ?


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Yessir, all of them. They grow from each of my forearms, so that’s more than two, isn’t it?
I wasn't prepared for a maths quiz. Let's see. 2 forearms = 8 ? hands... = @thombrogan is potentially an 🐙. At least in mathematical theory. I'm envious, as it would make many aspects of my job much easier, but shopping for shirts might be difficult. And too many gloves...
I usually do a cold water rinse followed by witch hazel on the parts I shaved and then a min or so later run aftershave balm on my face and any little excess on my fore head and the rest of my face.

Whats weird is prior to DE, I just rinsed my face with water and go but now I take the time to enjoy the experience/results.
YUP on that experience side and what I used to do before also !
Depends on the aftershave, if it's a stickier one I may rub the excess on my wrists and rinse my palms after. With Lilac Vegetal, I apply liberally to the face and neck, and then splash some more on my arms. It says "All-over Body Splash" right on the label, you know.
Shave, then shower, then aftershave the face, then rub the extra on the back of my neck, then dry my hands on the undershirt of the day.
I make my own aftershave. It is so mild that about 5 minutes after I apply it, you best be my wife to be close enough to smell it.
After my shave I usually go with Alum. Recently, I purchased some Nivea Aftershave Balm. It's okay, but I'm not crazy about it. Once the bottle is gone, I won't replenish it.

I really like to re-apply some Proraso Pre-Shave cream. I like the way it feels and smells.

Nothing too exotic for me.


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