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After Shave Bottle Solution


I've seen several threads regarding where to find bottles for decanting after shaves. This is the solution I ended up with. I was able to purchase these nice quality blue bottles from a vendor on the web. I believe they were about 2.50 a bottle. I wanted a colored bottle to shield the light as well as being attractive. The bottles come in various sizes and you can also get a pour reducer cap, so it splashes out rather than pours.

I used the method that was suggested on the forum for transferring the label.
Here is the link if you are interested. You don't have to order a case as I've seen on other sites.

Once you go to the site, just search for bottles.
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You find the destination glass bottle of choice and pour your after shave into it. A small funnel works great. Then take the source plastic bottle and pour almost boiling water into it filling it all the way up. Again, a small funnel will help to transfer and to keep water from getting on your label.

Once the water is in the plastic bottle let it sit for maybe 5 minutes This will loosen up the glue on the plastic bottle. Take a utility blade, doesn't have to be sharp, and carefully lift enough edge on it so you can peel it off by hand. The goal is not just to get the label off but to keep as much of the glue on the label as possible. Then transfer to glass bottle.

You will be surprised how well this works.
I considered those kind of bottles. I ultimately settled on two 6oz flask shaped clear glass, and a 12oz nordic style. Not sure if I will put reducers in them... I'm putting clubman products in them so too much is never enough. (Except maybe for the SR).

I think I'm going to skip the label transfer though. The two 6oz bottles' labels were a little ratty to begin with. I'll let the color of the juice tell the story.

I'll try to remember to post pics once they arrive.
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