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After shave balm throughout the day?

Does anyone else apply an aftershave balm several times throughout the day after the initial application?

I apply this one a couple times later in the day. Heck I even use it on off days when I don’t shave. It’s only a buck at Dollar Tree, soon to be Dollar and a Quarter Tree.


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Great question! I do reapply when a shave results in irritation, and in severe cold when my skin dries out. In a pinch, I’ll even use lip balm on hot spots.

Nice $1 pickup on the balm, BTW.
I use CeraVe Moisturizing Lotion as a balm. It's incredibly economical, effective and long lasting. A tiny amount applied to a wet face is all it takes to feel soft and smooth all day.
splash yes sometimes not balm I quit using balm and use splash with neutrogena hydro gel

did today actually put some fine platinum on just a bit ago :)
I use the splash after the shave, but will sometimes wait and apply the toner later after if I am using Wholly Kaw.
I also use Nivea shaving balm throughout the day if I feel I need it or have missed a day or so shaving and have some stubble and usually before bed.
I do. With the masks we wear constantly in surgical theatre, I find that a balm helps to keep irritation at bay. Currently using Baxter's.
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