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After shave balm question?

I enjoy using bayrum aftershave; currently I have the Dominica as well as the Pinaud brand. What aftershave balm/ skin conditioner/ would you recommending using with it?

Korea, huh? Shipping charges must be some serious $$.

The Pinaud is the only Bay Rum scent I like. I don't use it on my face, though - the alcohol bothers me.

There are a few options, depending on what you are looking for. T&H makes an unscented balm that many like. Personally, the lanolin in it bothers my face. Any good moisturizer would work, like Baxters. Em's place makes some great facial moisturizers, and you can even get Bay Rum scented ones to really layer on that theme. Why not include a bay rum hydrosol first to be totally decadent?

Depends a bit on what you are looking for in an ASB. Unscented? Healing? Light? Heavy?
OP, @Scotto is right in his query, but without further input, you may want to try Nivea ASB Sensitive. It is a great balm and won't overshadow your Bay Rum AS. :c11:
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