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African American cream

Newbie here, can u guys recommend a shaving cream for a African American...I shave my face and head ...I've tried art of shaving sandalwood and I wasmt a fan...


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Do you want to stick with cream or would you be open to trying soap?

BTW welcome to B&B!
A might spendy but Truefitt & Hill is an excellent option. Body Shop Maca Root is another good call but there are reports that it can cause some skin irritation. TOBS (Mr. Taylor or Eton College) another choice.
Welcome to the forum , loads of fun and good info here.... It may not be the scent that is irritating you....First I would recommend for you Stephan's Smooth Shave " brushless " shave cream.....It is coconut scented and has spectacular lubrication. Also , are you doing proper prep work ?...A double wash and rinse with soap and hot water , then a hot wet towel will also help to "wilt" the whiskers , making for a shave that will help prevent ingrown hairs , a major problem for sub-Saharan African whiskers....If you continue to get irritation you can stop shaving against and/or across the grain ( flow direction of beard pattern ) and just shave with the flow of the grain....Whatever you do , don't give up, we can get you to a good trouble free shave, it takes a little experimentation...If you are already irritated get some "bump stop" salve at the pharmacy , they work fairly well , but you will have to not shave for a few days until the salve has healed you...
Whats up Macrock and welcome to B&B. Im also African American and have been DE shaving for about 10 years now.

I’ve had success with Stirling Soap. The ingredients are exactly what one should look for in a shave soap and the scents vary. But I think you should put more focus into building and working the lather/cream into your beard. This step is especially important for our curly coarse hair. I cannot stress this enough. This step is what makes wetshaving different from taking a handful of that Barbasol crap and rubbing it onto your face.

I could tell you more Macrock, but I’d rather you walk away with just this necessary information than nothing at all. Best advice I’ve ever gotten was “The best way to ensure a man learns nothing is to tell him everything.” With the help and advice of some of the members here I’ve gained some awesome tips to assist me in my journey.

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Razor burn sounds like one or more of the following:
Too heavy with the hand - let the razor's weight fo the work.
Poor lather or prep - listen to buzzz623
Not a good blade choice - experiment with different blades. Many here love Kai, but I'd rather shave with a ripped soda can. In other words, they make different blades for different people.

Now. If you want the most hypoallergenic shave soap there is without giving up nice smelling stuff, try Soap Commander. Nice scents, vegan, slick, protective, and should be kind to your skin. It's also very reasonably priced.

Stick with it. You will get there.

I hear you. Skin sensitivity is what made me take up wet shaving in the first place.

IME, soaps are a safer bet due to being less perfumey but that's really speaking generally.
There are some wonderful creams around, such as Kiss My Face or T&H UC (both mentioned above).
You'll definitely be getting some good advice around here from folks a lot more knowledgeable and experienced than I am.

In any case, soap-wise - I had a problem with Mitchell's Wool Fat (could be lanolin). Calani was to overpowering for me as well, left me with a ruby red face.

On the other hand, practically every Italian croap (Cella, Vitos, 3P) performed superbly, no burn to speak of.

You might want to start bowl lathering first and just going with two passes in the beginning so as to take it easy on the face, it helped me in the start.

Experiment a little but do take it easy on the heavily-scented products.

Just my 0.02.
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