Advice sought from Karve owners: Brass or the coming SS?

Discussion in 'Shopping and Deals' started by Tostig, May 3, 2019.

    I am having an irresistible, indefatigable urge to buy a Karve. It's gonna happen; it can't be stopped. But ... it appears the brass version will soon be accompanied by a SS version. Personally, I love brass, and aesthetically speaking, I want the brass Karve at level 11 on the 10 scale of desire. However, I am not great about investing time and energy in keeping things spotless, so I generally try to stick with low-maintenance gear. I would like to hear from Karve owners as to whether or not their brass Karves are holding up aesthetically over time after water, etc., have done their thing. I'm all for a nice brass patina as long as it's an appealing patina.
  1. If you can wait a week or two, I'm sure tons of brass karves will up for sale here once the SS becomes available. To answer your question, I never had any problems at all with water spots anything aesthetically related because I always completely disassemble my razors after shaving and dry them with a microfiber cloth, then let them air dry until the next day. I had a nice even patina without any water spots.
  2. ..."tons of brass Karves" would be very nice, but I don't see it, especially the OC versions. But who knows. Are the OC heads coming out in SS?
  3. Not sure, but I see some OC aluminums on his instagram, so maybe.
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    I have the brass SB and at first polished it. Now I just let the patina develop. It has a nice, warm color to it. However, I would also buy the SS version because I can't resist the shiny look of SS.
  5. Get the brass. It's awesome. Don't worry. Unless you're REAAAAAALLLY strange, you'll love what you get.

    A SS will find its way into your home too.:001_302:

    Get one set in SB and the other in OC...
  6. A good patina takes time, and the ability to go Zen and put up with the intermediate stages. Can a stainless razor ever develop (or require) as much soul?

    Could I convince RazoRock to make a bronze Wunderbar?
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    I own a brass Karve. I really liked the concept Chris took and made it his own. If I had my druthers though, I would own an SS version. I'm ex-Navy and brass is supposed to shine like glass. The effort to get it there isn't worth the time. The SS version is a little heavier as well, significantly enough to notice when you hold it but not so much that it feels at all unwieldy. This whole patina crazy baffles me. "Patina" is corrosion... period. Corrosion is bad for metal, but I understand the enjoyment of the warmth of that look. That all being said, brass smells horrible! Anything brass that close to your nose, coupled with water, stinks. Hold of for the SS in my opinion. It's happening soon. If you like a light razor, his aluminums are beautiful with the anodizing he does. I had the pleasure of talking with Chris and seeing his razors at BSSW in AZ last month. Just my .02 cents.
  8. I love my brass Karve, most razors are stainless or a chrome meant to look stainless. The brass is a bit more unique, imo.

    I do treat mine with Renaissance wax, though. Simply rub in a thin layer, wait a few minutes, then buff it off. Sans the few minutes down time, I'm done with the razor in 5 minutes. Only need to do this every 3 months, so timewise, I do not mind. Heck, I spend over 5 minutes every 3 months admiring my shaving stuff. Lol. Might as well be upkeeping it while doing such.
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    I really like Renaissance wax. I learned about it for leather preservation and protection but it has turned into my go to wax for just about everything. I use it all the time on my wood shaving brushes. I never thought about using it on my Karve. I guess that will be today's. project.
  10. I've only had the Karve for 4 months, but the wax seems to work well. I actually found out about it from a forum post here on protecting the Karve, and @Scaramouche (who was mentioned as a resident expert) was nice enough to give me a whole rundown on it. I'm very happy with the results.
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  12. At the price point offered get both. I’ve got 3 brass plates and 2 handles. It’s such a wonderful razor I’ll probably get it in SS, Aluminum and whatever else in the future. I’d love a Titanium version as that metal is very smooth on the skin.
  13. Newer Karve owner checking in, I'd wait for stainless. The geometry is spot on but the brass lacks a glassy smoothness that my best polished SS razors provide.
  14. I do not have any brass in my collection. However, I prefer polished in just about everything. When I owned a Harley Road King I had every piece of chrome that was produced for the bike. I literally used Q-tips to polish hard to get to areas. Recently I had to make a decision to get the polished Vector or the machined version. I decided on the machined version because I thought that the simplistic Vector design deserved the machined look. For me, this was the correct decision, the machined look fits the razor. If I bought a Karve today I would by brass. I just associate the Karve with brass. A few minutes to dry it off would be worth it. If you have several razors would the brass be a great change of pace?
  15. I bought brass . . . and will buy the S/S. the biggest advantage for me is the ability to put away my brass Karves (after a good shine) and let the patina grow. Patina is not rust, to my understanding (but I've been know to be wrong) but rather a layer that prevents "further" rust from eating into the metal.

    S/S version will be SB & OC, in the same specs as the brass CB razors.
  16. I’m a brass owner (3 days in) and got the best shave of my life yesterday with it.

    I’d be slightly worried that the SS was just different enough that it wouldn’t perform the same way, but hey you never know.

    Bought brass, sticking with it, but interested to see the reviews of the SS when you guys get them.

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