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Advice on starting a friend in DE shaving

Help I need advice or at least other opinions. I have a friend that contacted me and asked me about dollar shave club and also the one razor that Rick Harrison advertises. He said he is looking into saving money and getting a better shave. I suggested using maybe a Parker tto and some Astras. Wondering what opinions you guys have that I can pass along. I have some blades I can pif him but that's about it. What is his best course of action? Thanks
Send him to Garry. He has a great starter kit and your friend can load up on samples as well. Plus he's offering free shipping over $35 this month.

He has a regular webpage too. Just type in Garry's sample shop

There's also the many online vendors where he could get something of his choosing. Or, if you have an extra razor, you could set him up enough so he could give it a try and see if he likes it enough to make a purchase of his own gear.
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