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Advice on Scritchy Brushes

I currently have two brushes in my rotation, an AOS Pure Badger and a T&H Super Badger, probably from the regency set. I have fallen in love with face lathering, haven't used a bowl since I got the technique down two weeks ago.

While I like the AOS Pure, I'm thinking there has to be something better out there. I'm looking for a smallish brush, of higher quality that still retains the scritchy/exfoliating characteristics I like from the AOS pure.

I see the Rooney Special on Vintage Blades and think it may be to my liking. I also see the Rooney 1/1 and am somewhat attracted to it as well, but I think this would be softer and more similar to the T&H Super I have... correct?

Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks!
I bought a Rooney Special off of the BST to use as a travel brush. One of these days I might actually use it. Its a nice brush, excellent value. Not as dense as other Rooneys but its also a lot less money. It still has plenty of density though, good backbone with its short loft but not stiff. A bit scrubby but will probably soften with some use. The 1/1 or any other Rooney brush in super will be softer.
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