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Advice on honing away a frown


Ask me about shaving naked!
Hold the blade at about 30 degrees off the stone like you would a knife, and hone the frown out on a diamond plate. Alternatively, slap 2-3 of layers of electrical tape on it and hone it out on a diamond plate.

When the frown is gone or very, very near gone, pull the tape (or to the layers of tape that you normally use), set the bevel and off to the races.

Good honing sir!
Thank you for all the advice guys, really appreciate it.

Got the razor today and yes it did have a very small frown.

Started off with a sharpie test and I was surprised to see fairly even hone wear all along the spine, and the edge making contact all the way, except for at the heel.

I decided to just hone it, starting with a 1k, 50 laps, fairly heavy pressure, straight up and down and check it for a bur. Flip it over and do the same on the other side. It only took about 200 laps each side to develop an even bur all along the edge.
Then I started with X-strokes and lighter pressure, until I could see the water being undercut all the way.

Checked the edge against a straight ruler and the frown was turned upside down!
It now has a very nice slight smile.

It’s not perfect, I can see the shoulder interfering with the hone, and the hone wear is quite considerable, but after going through the whole progression, including pasted balsa to .1 micron, it silently tree-tops easily all along the edge.

Measured and calculated the bevel angle at the middle of the blade and it comes to 16,4 degrees. Will be slightly more at the heel and slightly less at the toe, because the width is not even.

I am happy with it, and I have no doubt that it will shave very nicely 👍


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Had my first shave with it today and I am very happy.

I love 14 size razors, that's why I bought this one. It's not pretty, but pretty don't shave.

It is not as noisy as a Fili 14, so I think the grind is not as thin, but it's a very enjoyable shaver. Effortless close shave, everything I want.

This one is going into my favourites case, right next to my Fili's and my Koraat.

Looks like @Slash McCoy is onto something with the 16.5 degree bevel angle!

Thank you everyone for the great advice!
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