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Advice on Getting Piston Filler to Be Full

I like the way my Sailor writes. I refill the ink too much. It is hard to get the piston filler to actually fill up. There is usually a sizable air gap. Any advice on getting it to suck in more ink? I watched a video that said to repeat the piston down and up. My experience with that is that I just shoot out the ink I drew up and then draw up the same amount that was in there before and occasionally it might get a little more full. Thanks.
Hopefully you'll get more answers from people who actually have Sailor brand pens. I use their inks, but my piston fillers are from other makers.

With my Pilot Custom Heritage 92s, demonstrator models where I can actually see how much ink is going in there, I make sure that the nib is fully submerged and let it saturate for maybe 10 seconds before filling. Cycling the piston a couple of times generally gets it as full as makes no difference. But then I take the usual advice of expelling a couple of small drops back into the bottle.

With my Lamy 2000, the body of the pen is opaque so that I can't see how full it is (the ink window near the nib doesn't really help), but I have filled from a vial with markings at every ml., so that I can see how much ink I've taken in. It's enough that I don't worry about it.

If you're talking about a piston converter, that might be a different matter. For whatever reason, not all piston converters that I've tried will take in a full load of ink. Pilot's new CON-40 is particularly bad in that respect. Don't know about a Sailor one
Once you fill the pen you turn it nib up and turn the piston until all the air has been released (making sure not to squeeze ink everywhere) and then submerge the nib back into the ink and finish filling. This should get you a full fill. In all honesty though it's a lot of trouble to go through to only get a couple more drops of ink in your pen


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The ink gets sucked in not at the nib tip but farther up the feed near where you hold the pen. There’s a little hole. Make sure you fully submerge the intake hole.
Thank you all for the thoughtful replies. I will be sure to incorporate them in my next filling. As an aside, I am stashing a bottle of slivovitz away for the perfect time, so appreciated the handle.
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