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    So I've been using traditional straights for about a year now and am planning a trip to a relatively remote location for a period of about two weeks. I don't want to travel with my antique straights (or expose them to the conditions there), but I also don't want to "revert" to my DEs either. And though I've done it before, the thought of not shaving for the duration makes my skin crawl, and the thought of using a disposable is almost as unappealing.

    But, I should have access to DE blades when I arrive so I'm thinking shavette. I refuse to pay 5x the cost of my precious straights for a Feather, so what else would you recommend? I'd need one that accepts 1/2 DE blades (or whole ones) and I'm nervous about the clamping mechanism so would want something that holds the blade very securely while not being prone to user errors in alignment, etc.

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    31bDIn9StvL._SX425_.jpg KAI around 80 bucks
  2. other than razorine the one i've used all align easily

    i like the dovo shavette, get one with heavier stainless handle the lighter ones will feel too light after your SR's

    practice a few times the sleeve that holds the blade has small details, and I needed glasses the first few times

    i would travel with decent blades if you can. also get some practice shaves in it is a bit of a different touch compared to proper SR

    plus the dovo With appopriate insert allows you to also use proprietary long blades, or hair shaper blades

    this shop is local to me with free US shipping and great prices

    Dovo Shavette Straight Razor Stainless Steel 201006 | The Superior Shave
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  3. I have the Dovo with the full length Merkur blade and have no complaints when traveling.
  4. There is a thread for shavette razors at the Club and Brotherhood forum. You will read a lot about shavettes. Some very good De shavettes are the Universal, Focus Slim, Vanta...
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  6. The folding Feather is $59. Blades are less than $12. IMHO, the Feather with the Pro Guard blades are truly the pinnacle of design and safety.
  7. I like the Universal models from Italy. They are full length and hold the blade very well.
    Many are considerably shorter and feel flimsy.

    Shaving Security Shavettes
  8. I would also second the Kai Captain - closest you will get to a straight in my experience.

    But if it absolutely has to use half DE blades then the Focus Slim AL is head and shoulders above anything else.
  9. Gentlemen - Thank you for all your assistance. I greatly appreciate your recommendations.

    Had not found that in my searches. Thank you for the referral.
  10. Great reference @albsat. Thanks for the link.
  11. Since you are a straight razor user (like me), I think you'll be much more pleased with a shavette that uses AC blades rather than half DE's. I completely agree with you about not wanting to pay through the nose for something like a Feather DX, but you have options.

    • You can go for the Feather SS, which is considerably more affordable than the DX. It holds the blade differently than the DX and is generally ideal for newbies. I haven't personally used one, but I'm told that SR users would probably prefer the DX because we like to control how the blade glides across our face, rather than allowing that razor's safety features control it. There are countless threads on the difference between SS and DX.
    • As mentioned above, the Kai Captain (which I have) is an option. It holds the blade more similarly to the Feather DX, while being priced comparably to the SS. I found it very easy to shave with. My first shave was with the Protouch guarded blades. It shaved so well and so easily that I somehow felt I was cheating.
    • IBC (Irving Barber CO.) razors accept half DE, AC, and I believe injector blades. They run about $70
    • Least expensive option is a Vincent VT1321 shavette. I paid $11ish for it on ebay, and it performs quite well. It is basically like a Dovo Shavette that accepts AC blades. It shaves quite well and it comes with one generic blade (which actually performs quite well)
    Alternatively, you may also consider a Dovo Shavette. It comes with inserts for half DE's and also their proprietary 62mm blades. I personally find the 62mm blades to be fairly ineffective (sad because they are close in length to a traditional straight). If you go the Dovo route, I highly recommend getting the green insert and loading it with Personna shaper blade.

    Lastly, if you are hellbent on using half DE's....for $20, you can get a Parker SR1 which holds the blade quite securely.

  12. @rs_776

    Excellent wrap up. Please share your experience in the Sabre brotherhood thread.

    Thank you for bringing information on Vincent VT1321 shavette. Do you know if some European shops do sell it as well?
  13. I know of at least one person in Europe (Poland I believe) who purchased one. I also think the same razor may be sold under different brands. I will check into it and let you know.
  14. @albsat

    Update on VT1321, I was told he bought it on Allegro, which he describes as like a Polish ebay. Not sure if that helps, but that's all I can tell you.

    Also, I did post in SABRE (thanks for the link) about the VT1321 as well as another find from Turkey....the Zazor
  15. I love my feather , it’s shaves IMHO differently than a traditional straight but it’s the closest feeling I’ve gotten to a traditional straight after trying 3 different shavettes when I first started . I was blown away how nicely they are
  16. I dunno, guys. I bought a Dovo shavette a couple years back for the exact same reason and can’t stand the thing. I tried every blade one can think of, and HATE IT.

    For about the cost of a new shavette from multiple companies/manufacturers, you could get a new SR from Naked Armor or a host of Etsy shops and get you a good travel SR that isn’t, um, a shavette. I’m 100% biased, and freely admit that. I speak from experience, though. I have two SRs that are travel candidates and then those that won’t leave the house. Ever.

    Apologies for the contrarian view. I didn’t feel right not saying something.

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  17. Using a DE for a couple of weeks isn’t going to all of a sudden make you hate straights. You can’t cheat on a tool - use a DE and call it good.
  18. Update ...

    The main reason for looking at shavettes was to allow me to fly with carry on luggage, so no blades while flying. That means gear that can use what's available where I land, hence 1/2 regular DE blades. So the Feathers and Kais are out despite being the hands down preference.

    I've borrowed Parker SR1 and will give it a try this weekend with my Astra SPs and see how it goes.

    And I do still have my EJ DE89 and Parker 26c if the "not a Kai and not a Feather" doesn't suit me.

    And for the record, I'm not worried about "cheating". I the just enjoy the straights so much and want to maximize my pleasure while out in the wild.

    Again, thanks for the advice. Having good information from trusted sources is invaluable.

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