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Advice needed with post shave care

After reading loads of rave reviews about thayers toners. I have decided to take the plunge and order its products (im thinking about the non alcohol rose one). I say plunge because i live in the uk and getting this stuff shipped over here can cost quite a bit. If anyone out there knows where i can get a bargain that would help! :tongue_sm.

Anyways.... My real reason for this thread is that im thinking of doing the following post shave treatment and would like you good folks to comment and advise.

Right! Here goes:-

After shaving, wash face with hot water to remove shave cream residue.

Apply alum block and leave for a minute (whilst cleaning my shaving equipment).

Wash away with cold water.

Apply Thayers toner.

And finally apply a face moisturiser cream NOT a/s balm!!

My reasoning behind this is, since i have already applied alum block and toner to my face i dont need any further 'razor burn' fighting product. And a good moisturiser will have ingredients in it to sooth and replenish my skin anyways and could also be used on my non shaving days and may work out cheaper.

What do you guys think??

Please feel free to rip into this method if you think its not good. Im learning to love my face (someone has to) so any advice will be greatly appreciated.


P.s. Sorry for any spelling mistakes.
It might be cheaper for you to check out Robert's Rose water which I think is Italian. It's not witch hazel, but since you are using the alum already, you might not need another astringent.
I think your postshave routine looks very good, and is very similar to mine. I substitute traditional witch hazel at your alum step, and I typically finish with an alcohol-based AS splash. I don't use a balm very often, but when I do it's a facial moisturizer.

I initially thought you might need more antisepsis, but the alum should do a fine job.
Thanks for the feedback. I thort id use witch hazel as ive heard ti has good cleansing features as well as other benifits.

Good to know that this routine will work for me.

Cheers guys.

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