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Advice Needed on Restoration

With all the knowledge on this forum, I figured someone here might be able to help with my questions.
I just received a razor as a gift from my father in law. Apparently it was the razor that his dad used to shave with so its a bit old.

It is stamped "ASCO CUTLERY Co Germany" And I think the number to the left is 702

I'm planning on cleaning it up and shaving with it to keep the family tradition going.
As you can see, there is a chip in the blade that will have to be dealt with.
The scales are cracked and slightly melted in a spot.

So for the questions.
1. I haven't been able to find anything on the company, a few forums had information that they made razors from 1880-1910 but I don't know how reliable that is. Anyone have any ideas?
2. Any suggestions for trying to restore the scales? Being a single piece with only a hinge pin, are they even restorable with that crack?
3. I'm thinking there is going to be a decent amount of material removed to eliminate that chip. Any thoughts on whether it might make the blade too narrow? I dont have my calipers handy so I'll add the measurements later.

Thanks for the help.
$razor 1.jpg$razor 2.jpg$razor 3.jpg$razor 4.jpg
Scales-wise, thats gonna be interesting. You might be able to epoxy them back together, but thats would be iffy. You could drill a hole and pin them, or find a similar colored scale to match the decorative one. The blade may never be a beauty queen, but it really depends on how deep the pitting is. If its just patina, you might be ok, if its deeper it could be an issue. Especially on the edge. Don't worry, someone more knowledgeable should be along shortly with better advice than mine. Good luck Sir!
Is the blade a wedge, or is there any hollow to it. The more hollow the easier that chip will be hone out. I don't think the narrowing will be a problem, as I don't see any hone wear. It's a pretty cool heirloom, I would surely try to restore it. There is a thread here about a plastic repair epoxy that looks pretty good for the scales. Naked lady scales, a classic!
I'd probably try to set a bevel first. Make sure it'll shave. Chances are it will, then you can go as far you want into the restore. The chip does not look like it'll pose too big of a problem.
I've had good luck with crazy glue fixing similar breaks in the scales. It won't be carrying a load so you just want it to hold together.
The nekkid lady side are definitely worth cleaning up and keeping.
Ok, first update on the restore.
Found the calipers. Its right at 5/8 now, so will probably be a 4/8 after that chip comes out. The angle is 16.9*
When I pulled the pin out I realized that the scales were cracked at the pivot pin, which greatly complicates their restoration. I'm thinking there isn't enough material left there to make them hold no matter how I try to glue them. I'll have to figure out something as the scales gave the razor some character.

So I started with a Dremel and wire brush to take off the surface grime.
Then went with some 220 sandpaper and WD40 to clean up the rust. There are still some slightly darker patches in the metal, but I don't know if it's really worth getting in there to take all those out, or if I should just leave it and start polishing from here. Right now I'm leaning towards just polishing it as is to leave some character.

Here are some pics of the first stage of the cleanup process.

$Cleaned Razor 3.jpg$Cleaned Razor 1.jpg$Cleaned Razor 2.jpg$Cleaned Razor 4.jpg$Cleaned Razor 5.jpg
There is more hollow to that blade than I thought from the original post. It should clean up very easily and make a great razor. It looks to me like you will loose 1/16" at the most honing out that chip, but what ever, the chip isn't gone till it's gone and it's got to go. The scales are classic enough that I think the repair doesn't need to be perfect. It's just more character.
Looking good! I can see some lines on the blade, maybe from sanding? Try going from spine to edge with a higher grit. A wine cork will save your fingers some cramping. No need to completely remove all patina - I like some character.
That's a bummer about the scales. I can see a crack from edge to pivot hole. Did they break all the way thru into 2 pieces? Crazy glue may save the day. Or a 2-part epoxy. Definitely worth a try - you got nothing to lose.
Haven't updated in a while due to a lack of time. Took a little bit of time each night and worked up a light progression on some wet/dry. Not perfect, but I'm not going for a mirror finish on this. Just got it through 600grit, then a quick run on the dremel with some Emery compound and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

Chip is out thanks to some work with 1500 wet/dry, bevel is almost set. (Takes forever when you only have 9 micron lapping film for setting bevels.) There is one stubborn section in the middle of the blade that still hasn't taken a bevel, but I pretty much used up the film. Gonna order a full set including some 30 micron for setting bevels and I'll hit it again.

Guess its time to work on the scales while I wait for the film to arrive.
$Polished 3.jpg$Polished 4.jpg
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