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Hello Gentlemen,

A friend of mine is getting tired of cheap plastic dispoasables, mostly because I have corrupted him with my nice vintage straight razors. But he is too busy to take up straights right now and wants an easier solution. I suggested DE, but do not have the DE knowledge or experience to advise him about specific razors or blades suitable for someone with no experience.

I’m thinking a mild razor so he can learn to use a DE razor and explore blade options without too much blood, lol. Maybe a Merkur?

Anyway, suggestions for a starting razor and blade combination that will allow him to explore DE shaving would be greatly appreciated. I will forward him this link and encourage him to sign up!

Many thanks my friends!

Vintage Tech from the Bay 20-25
1 Omega Boar 8-10
1 Synth 15-20
Blade Sampler or 3-4 various tucks
Soap and AS that you can recommend from your SR shaving

Alternatively a Schick Injector - shaves as easy as a cart, much less blade choices (this is good) and one blade will typically last much longer than a DE blade.

If he is set on badger maybe a Simpsons (Amazon) in Best or a Semogue Finest but I would get additionally a second brush (s. above).
In my opinion, the razor is the toughest choice here. As for the brush, maybe a synthetic. That way he doesn't need to be concerned with soaking, drying, or breaking it in; I suggest the Stirling 2-Band (Tuxedo) because it's relatively inexpensive but still a decent brush. And while he's visiting the Stirling site, a few samples and maybe an empty soap container. I'm more of a 100-pack kind of guy, but I can also see the value in a sampler pack of blades. Now for the razor... Fatip Gentile Grande or RazoRock German 37 (don't let the aggressive looks of the slant fool you). I was leaning toward the Game Changer 68, but that would account for half of his budget. You're a good friend and I sincerely wish the best of luck to you both...
I started with a Merkur 34C, which worked great for me right away. Then RAD kicked in, and I don’t get back to it much. But it definitely started me off right, and I’m sure I’d still be happy with it if I weren’t busy trying half the things I hear about on this board….
There is a great Starter Kit from Phoenix shaving.com It is a steal at 45 Dollars. That being said if you where to ask me just about the razor itself you can't go wrong with the Edwin Jagger DE89 and it is also not that expensive. But the Rockwell 6c will leave you room to grow.
Honestly, I would recommend a West Coast Shaving razor with the Charcoal Goods designed zamak head. The top cap is designed to help a new DE shaver learn to get the right angle. Personally, I prefer the Toothsome and the Brawny baseplates over the Lithe. The Lithe is too mild, IMHO. I would recommend your friend either start get the Toothsome head or buy the complete head set (with all three baseplates).

Once your friend determines whether he enjoys DE shaving, he can try other razors. But for a starter razor, a WCS-Charcoal Goods razor isn't a bad way to go.
Would suggest a nice "forever" razor like a Game Changer or even better a Karve (so he could just swap plates). This way he could better avoid RAD!!!
But why would anyone want to avoid RAD? 😁

Seriously, though, until someone knows that DE shaving is for him/her, I would advise against spending that much on a razor.
I would recommend
Rockwell 6s or 6c or
Pearl Flexi

The Rockwell is, imho, a fool proof easy to use de razor. You can choose the baseplate to your liking and progress of technique. And you cannot play with the adjustment dial while Shaving. It gives smooth and close shaves.

The flexi might require a bit more concentration in the beginning but its well built of machined brass, its heavier and comes with a stand too for a very good price. An at least I get extremely good shaves.

Concerning your budget that wpuld be my recommendations
1. RazoRock lupo 0.72. He can get the 0.95 base plate if needed afterwards.
2. Karve brass C plate.
3. 34C
4. SE razors might be worth considering, but then you need to invest more if you get something like the Blackland Vector. (open comb or SB) He will probably get most of his money back if he decides this is not worth perusing. I used mine today. I was wondering why i do bother with my DE's:)
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