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Advice for New DE Shaver on Rockford T2

Hello! I have been lurking for a little while: reading, learning, and waiting for my shaving supplies to arrive. I purchased a Rockford T2 and have been shaving with it for a little over a week. I’m coming from the world of cartridge razors, so I know there is a lot of learning and exploring that I have to do.

I have been trying different blades every couple of shaves (used Rockwell, Nacet 2x, Astra SS), and have experimented a little with different blade settings on the T2. In my learning thus far, I’ve noticed that a number of people are using the T2 at or above the 4th blade setting. I slowly have been experimenting and working my way up to the 3rd blade setting.

Today was my first attempt with an Astra blade and it really seemed much more comfortable to me than my previous blade experiences. However, I realized after my first pass that the 3rd blade setting was just too much. i knocked it down to 2, and really had a pretty comfortable shave with decent results (above par from my days of cartridge shaving).

So my question is this: does anyone with experience with the T2 think that my discomfort at the third setting is anything other than my lack of experience? I’m guessing that this is telling me my technique needs work, but I’m also wondering if it is just my face preferring a milder razor.

I realize this question is probably nearly impossible to answer, but I’m also just trying to get an understanding of what is going on as I’m shaving.
I assume you mean the Rockwell (rather than Rockford) T2 adjustable razor?

The main thing I have learned is that the main contributor to irritation is too much pressure. Do your best to achieve a very light touch. Sometimes this is described as "let the weight of the razor do the work."

It also helps to limit your variables. The fewer things you change at a time, the easier it is to discover what works and what doesn't.
Yes, meant Rockwell 🤦‍♂️, I have so many friends who live in Rockford, IL that I cannot keep myself from making that mistake. Thanks for the advice.
I think you are spot on asking if your lack of experience is a contributing factor in your uncomfortable shave. Yes, it is. This is a great pastime & the only way to get better results is to practice. Practice using no pressure, none. Work on getting a good slick lather. Stick with the T2, & use it on the setting you're comfortable with. A 2 or 3 will give you a good shave. Set it on 1 or 5 & you can get a good shave. It's all in the technique. Lightly hold the razor & barely put it on your face, then let gravity pull the razor down your face. Practice, practice, practice. Stick with the same razor, blade, brush, & soap for a month. That's called a Fixed Four (four weeks using the same four items for your shave). Then you can just focus on technique instead of trying different blades or soaps or razors. Spend time reading B & B to get suggestions & tips, but nothing takes the place of practice.

But most of all... enjoy your shaves!!!!!!!!!!
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