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advice for buying a travel brush

woodbane said:
There's also these options (scroll down to 'Brush Tubes') from Em's place, I thought they were a good idea and will probably invest in one. That way you can just take your favorite brush with you rather than have to invest in a brush especially for travel.

I have two of those clear plastic brush tubes from Em's Place and I have found that the wooden handled boar brush from Omega fits perfectly in one, as does a Vulfix #404. Another tube to hold an Arko shave stick, and I'm set.
I'll probably be carrying a tube of Tom's of Maine "Refreshing Mint" shave cream, too, just for variety.

Wifey and I are going to be going to visit her relatives in the Philippines later this year and the last time I visited, I sat at the dining table to shave, with various nieces and nephews watching the goings-on. Boiling water in a kettle on the stove and using a plastic dishpan to shave in is the order of the day. Yes, we get spoiled by our plumbing here in North America. :biggrin:
caloy24 said:
Yes, we get spoiled by our plumbing here in North America. :biggrin:

I happened to be in Germany a few weeks ago, and it turns out they have pretty good plumbing there, too. :lol:

Bring Yor Brush To The Pharmacy. They Will Give You An Appropriate Size Bottle And Then Drill Some Vent Holes In It. I Did It And It Works Great.
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