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Advice for a Newb Needed.

I need some advice from the experienced straight shavers. I bought an old Geniva Cutlery straight, to see if I would like using a straight. First off, I had it honed. The first shave with it was okay and it was sharp enough that I didn't even notice when I removed a bit of my goatee.
Sense then I can't get a good shave and have mostly reverted back to the DE's.
Questions: Did I wreck a good edge with poor stropping? Do some blades just hold an edge better than others? Or is it possible mine has been honed to many time and is worn out?
I like the idea of using a straight and other than messing up my beard I enjoyed the first shave.

Here is a picture of the one I'm using.
$shaveing stuff 009.jpg

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I doubt that it is a problem with the Geneva steel. You may have rolled the edge while stropping. Better luck next time!


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Genevas are known for good steel, so most likely stropping. Shaving, stropping, and honing are like riding a bicycle, it takes time to develop the coordination. It just takes practice.

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Agree, I think the stropping was at fault. It looks like it has a bit of a smile going on, which really won't help you to strop or hone to start off with.
If the problem is bad stropping (and it most likely is) you can also fix it with stropping. Try first the linen side of the strop if you have one. If that is not enough, get a cheap one and a bit of chromium oxide too.
crOx can go a long way to restore sharpness.
I've got a poor man's strop set from Whipped Dog. I've used the pasted balsa and it helps but I keep loosing ground with the strop. I'm trying to use light pressure but find I keep pushing down on the strop. More time and practice and eventually I get it in shaving condition.

Thanks everybody for trying to help. I think I'll give it a rest for a while and try some time down the road when it isn't frustrating me so much.
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