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Advertisements on B&B ???

Until just the other day or so, I was not EVER seeing advertisements when viewing B&B forums/posts... but for some reason that has ALL changed! Now I have these pop-up, billboard ads taking up space at the top and bottom of EVERY page I view (including this one at this very moment! Some of the ads are shaving related, but the majority (like at commercial sites) are geared towards the last topic you conducted a search for. ANNOYING as all get out!

What happened?

I know there are folks who did not welcome the "like" feature (which I happen to fully support), but unwanted ads? There is NOTHING to LIKE about THAT!
I'm not seeing ads, but only because my main browser Opera (running on Win 10) is blocking them.
The ads show up in my other browsers, Chrome & Edge.
I think if they are doing this add thing I think they should make the vendor price lower so more vendors can join the site and that way b&b members can buy from other members not some online website.
Hopefully members get some sort of discount on vendor ships or something like I imagine there making money per view on the site so 2 cents per view (guess) 80000 members give or take say 40000 are on each week u do the math


Thanks folks. We are aware. Sometimes when this happens it’s a glitch in the matrix.
We will put our tech guru on it. Please be patient.