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Adoration & Rubberset Shaving Brushs and Gillette Aristocrat Gold De Luxe 1956 Made in England

First up is a Adoration Shaving Brush Handle that is ready for your knot. As you can see it's been polished and the lettering has been repainted and the old knot drilled out. The opening is just over 24mm and it fits the 24 mm knot that I bought for it which is not included. There are no cracks or chips in the handle. Really nice example of this hard to find brush. I'm asking $175 and shipping in the US is $7.95 for Priority Mail. I have lots of other pictures, just send me your email address.

Next is a Rubberset 66-2 in Orange and Creme. This, I believe, is a very rare brush as I've never seen another like it. It is in very good condition and the boar knot doesn't look like it is even close to being broken in. The colors are good as is the lettering and I don't see any chips or cracks. Orange is a rare color for this era. Since I've never seen another like it I have no idea of the value so I'll start at $150 or best offer. Shipping is a flat $7.95 in the US by Priority Mail.

Last for now is a 1956 Aristocrat De Luxe in Gold British Pat. 694093 with the stamp, "Made in England" This is as found, in the original case and is not a replate. This is the original gold plating and everything works as it should. Doors open smoothly and easily and there are no major marks on the razor. This includes the case and the blade "box" The blade box is a great example and in very nice original shape. The case has some discoloration and minor marks as I can show in the photos, just send your email for the other pictures. Here is the link to Mr. Razor's page on this razor; https://www.mr-razor.com/Rasierer/One-Piece solid guard bar/1956 Ariszocrat De Luxe England.JPG Again, I haven't seen one of these go anytime recently so I'll start the asking price at $425 and be happy to entertain offers. Shipping is a flat $7.95 in the US by Priority Mail.

I'm slowly cleaning out many years of my collection. Please feel free to ask for additional pictures, send me your email.
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I've got a nice spare rhodium executive set in the ostrich case that I'd trade for that aristocrat Deluxe, but $425 is out of reach atm.
Beautiful set!
Thanks for the offer but the Gillette Gold Aristocrat just sold last night on another site. Not sure how to edit the original post to reflect the sold status of that one item.
Congrats, very happy for you!
I believe short of closing out the thread all you can do is post "aristocrat sold" as your own reply.

Happy new year!
Just a correction on the Adoration handle above. The opening is actually roughly 27mm not 24.

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