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adjustable not shaving well

hay does anyone have more problems using there slim adjustable. For some reason at settings 1-3 I keep nicking my self havent tried going higher,figure i am just going to cut my self worse. i dont know if the weight is the problem cause i seem to have better luck with lite ones like my star razor. maybe its just me, so im wondering if anyone else has issues with theres
I use 9 for WTG all the time with no problems. check your pressure, there should be none. correct angle of course. and make sure you have a good blade in there.
I find the only way to nick yourself, is to slide the razor slightly sideways. Try adjust your technique to go north to south with no sideways movement. Your razor is dialled to 'mild' so its not that, i think any razor would cut you until you get technique down.
Check the alignment of the safety bars. Put a blade in the razor, adjust it to 3, tighten down the doors. Then look at the blade gap, the distance between the razor edge and the bar below it. It should be uniform and even across the blade width (i.e., no slant effect). Then check the other side, it should also be even and the same gap as on the first side. If there are deviations, then the razor's safety bars need to be adjusted (fairly easy to do, with a bit of care).
i know one side has slight slant but not to much i tried to straighten it and it cam out ok, but i am just wondering if it may be the way i am shaving cause when i use a light razor like my star, it come out fine so maybe i am using to much pressure with the heavy razor.
You should use almost no pressure, just the weight of the razor itself.

Hope it starts to work better for you!
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