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ADJUSTABLE APRIL (starts April,1st)


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Used a 1960 (F1) today, Astra blade


Chan Eil Whiskers

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For me, the star of my April Adjustables was this incredibly expensive razor...


You need one, but probably can't afford it so you'll just have to drool all over my photos on your screen.


During this month I used thirteen different adjustable razors. I'm going to rank order them. I'm also putting in parentheses how many times I used the particular razor during April and add a few comments.

My very highest category for razors of all types is the Daily Driver. I have very good razors I don't consider Daily Drivers. Few make the cut.

  • 1(a). Sailor (5 shaves). This may be the king of DE razors. Fat handle. Great low end. Smooth at all settings. Beautiful. Efficient. Effective. It's hard to reach for anything else when you have a Sailor. A Daily Driver.
  • 1(b). Taiga (9 shaves). Much like the Sailor with a great low end and loads of across the board smoothness. You couldn't go wrong with a Taiga in my opinion. I'd prefer a fatter handle. One of my April objectives was to get to know this razor better. Mission accomplished. A Daily Driver.
  • 1(c). Muramasa (1 shave). Unless you want to chop off days of growth or have a beard much heavier than mine, this is a bee's knees adjustable. I'd prefer a fatter handle. A Daily Driver.
  • 4(a). Pearl Flexi (2 shaves). A very good razor. The best of my modern sub $100 adjustables. Could be a Daily Driver contender.
  • 4(b). Snmirn (3 shaves). Definite the Star of the Show for April. Very good low end. Delivers a very good shave. The handle works better than it looks like it should but still earns a demerit as does the "metal." Bonus points for the overall smoothness of its shave and for the price.
  • 4(c). Vision (1 shave). Demerits for being clunky, high maintenance, and ugly. A demerit for the handle. A demerit for the "metal." In spite of all that, this sucker delivers a very nice shave. Unobtanium for sure. Mine was a gift from a very generous member.
  • 7. Denali (1 shave). A very nice razor.
  • 8. Gillette Executive (1 shave). The best of my Gillette adjustables.
  • 9. Konsul (1 shave). The jury is still out on this one, but it will get plenty of use as I make up my mind about it. My initial impressions are perhaps a bit disappointing, but that shouldn't be taken as a review.
  • 10. Schick Type M (1 shave). I like other Schick injectors much more than this one.
  • 11. Gillette Slim (1 shave). Not bad but the handle's too skinny.
  • 12(a). Gillette Black Beauty (1 shave). Not for me.
  • 12(b). TFC (1 shave). Not for me.

To be clear, I have tough whiskers on my soul patch + a very difficult neck beard map + a super sensitive upper lip very difficult to smooth without causing ATG problems.

My standards are very high.

Going into April I was very familiar with my Sailor and my Muramasa so I didn't use them as much as the Taiga.

None of the razors I used in April are losers. A few are winners by any standard, but I knew that going into the month.

I tried a few razors I've not used before. The Snmirn stole the show in that category! The jury is still out on several razors used this month.


I'd like to thank @JAHE for organizing this event and inviting me. It's been fun, sir.

I'd also like to think everyone who showed off the amazing adjustables I wasn't already familiar with. What an array of amazing razors surfaced in April!

Everyone who participated seems to have had fun. The few who persisted throughout the whole month, more fun than a barrel of drunk monkeys with endless cans of Gillette Foamy and endless cans of whipped cream.

Happy shaves,

The final shave of Adjustable April. Love the Fatboy - my first adjustable ever almost 12 years back. It is user grade and a bit finnicky to work with. It has quite some character of its own, compared to other fatboys I got over the years - which are pretty uneventful and a bit "boring" !

A big thank you to @JAHE for organizing this, which made me use my adjustable razor lot. It was amazing to see the kind of adjustable razors on this thread, which came from an era long dead. Too bad today its just carts and plastic razor handles now for the masses.

Day 30.
My last shave of this year's Adjustable April was stunning, the month could not have ended better. After three passes with the Rex Ambassador, my skin felt like a young dolphin's.

Thank you all again for making this thread such a joy.

Looking forward to meeting you all on other threads!


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Finished with the same model as I started April (as well as wet shaving) but this time an E-1. This Fatty was accorded some Blenheim Bouquet cream stirred with a Paladin Knight .. finished in honor of Spring with the Osage Rub ..


Thanks to Jahe for organizing this & all who participated, particularly with those seldom-seen adjustables. Thanks all
Thank you all again for making this thread such a joy.

Looking forward to meeting you all on other threads!
Many thanks, @JAHE for organizing this. Even though I did not shave daily with the adjustable I still enjoyed using my 4 razors and the best is like what some of us here mentioned...to be able to see all the various types of adjustable razors...awesome!!
Please repeat again in April 2023!! Au Revoir!
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