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ADJUSTABLE APRIL (starts April,1st)

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.
Day 26.
Finally, a shave. Boy, did I need that shave. I decided to stress test the Konsul and did not shave during my short trip. So 5 days worth of growth was the task for the Konsul today.

She delivered. 3 passes wtg/atg/atg with a fresh Rapira blade on setting 6.5-3.5-2.5 and all stubble literally was like blown away. BBS.

Thank you @all for keeping the thread going while I was away.

Happy shaves!
Sunday, 24th April'22

: Mingshi 3000s
Blade : Gillette permasharp stainless green
Cream : Godrej lime shaving cream
Brush : Olivina badger
Post shave : Alum + Lucky Tiger AS

A horror shave with the Mingshi 3000s razor today.

I had two cheap options incoming. This Mingshi 3000 and the Olivna badger brush. I didn't expect much from both, especially the brush which I bought for its handle, to be reknotted later.

The brush splayed with zero resistance and shed like 5 hairs a minute. Lost count of how many hair it shed

The razor was like a scene from a blood and gore horror movie.

It didn't cut at 3 or 5, but just felt like scrapping uncontrollably along the blade edge and felt very rough. It was cutting inconsistently along the edge.

Turned up to a 7 with tremendous blade feel but again extremely inefficient.

At full 9.5 resulted in a stormy shave with nicks and cuts all over.

I kept the razor down prematurely, and experienced the most torturous alum stinging ever, all over my face. Skin felt really raw.

The brush will meet its intended destiny and be reknotted.

The razor never again.

This ends my adjustable April journey as I am traveling this week on an adventure drive in my 4x4 for 3 days, away from civilization. I've already got some face skin to heal, the three days will serve me just fine !
Good week ahead folks!

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Thanks for your contributions!
I hope you had a safe trip!
After a very rough day yesterday, went with a Fat Boy on 1 (9th day on Personna Lab) and avoided the area around my mouth that took the brunt of the bleeding yesterday with the MMOC. Whipped up DR Harris Lavender with a new Muhle travel synthetic that arrived in the post today. After starting with just a cold water soak, I finished off with some GFT Limes skin food.
PAA DOC SS Ascension had the whisker reducing duties today. No numbered dial or visual alignment marks on the Ascension but, it’s marketed as an adjustable and it uses the blade to provide tension between the handle, base & cap with that extreme curvature that is designed into the razor. Although the movement and adjustment is rather minut, it does provide that minimum of adjustability to change the shave characteristics of the razor. Thus, it‘s an adjustable by that mere definition. And it works very well. I enjoy the uniqueness of the dual open comb head as it provides some extra lubrication allowing some lather to pass through both combs. It’s a different feeling shave and enjoyable. The Wickham soap is a real serious lather producer. I’m a big backer of tallow based soaps but, this stuff from these guys is really impressive in both lather & slickness for being a non-tallow soap.

Adjustable April Day 27
Razor: Palmera 7
Blade: Wizamet SI
Brush: Simpson Captain / Best
Soap: Lea


The Spanish Gibbs. Its pretty much a Gibbs that takes non-modified blades. There are some strange anomolies with it. The TopCap covers the blade tabs and the adjuster dial numbering goes in reverse. The leading edges have some plate loss so its done its fair share of work. It was another one of my "broken handle rescue operations".

How does it shave?
So close to a Gibbs as not to matter. As clones/homages go, it would be a difficult choice between this and a Taiga. It doesn't have the drag the the Personna has, takes non-modified blades and other than the fact that they are so far and few between - you tell me, whats not to like about it!
Razor: Fatboy
Blade: Sharp Star (9)
Razor: Rockwell 6C
Blade: Personna X-Series (10)
Bowl: Captain’s Choice Copper
Brush: Stirling synthetic
Pre-Shave: Proraso white
Soap: Stirling Hipster
Balm: AOS Corriander & Cardamon
EdT: Pecksniff’s Professional

I did my first pass with the qualifying adjustable Fatboy but there was too much tugging. So I switched for the next passes to the non-qualifying Rockwell 6C.

Chan Eil Whiskers

Fumbling about.

Very nice shave with my Gillette Executive adjustable. This one was given to me by someone whose grandfather, a judge, had it as part of his collection. It required an ultrasonic treatment to free up the internal mechanism, but is an excellent razor now.

Today I used several settings - 2, 9, and 1 - which is in keeping with how I've learned to use adjustables having now used a variety of very good adjustable razors. Were I to use the Executive on only one setting that setting would probably be 5, but I think using only one setting defeats the purpose and neglects to maximize the inherent advantages of the platform particular in respect to my skin and whiskers.

Happy shaves,

Still babying my face after Monday’s bloodbath. Did a two pass shave (no ATG) with my Cubano Slim in 3. Flipped the Personna Lab on shave 10. Just did a bit of cool water on the face to start and then whipped up Xpec unscented with my first brush, a Vie Long Bullgoose badger. Finished off with Dominica Bay Rum Lime.
Day 27. I had a nice and easy 2 pass shave with the 1963 Gillette Slim Adjustable today. I always enjoy the shaves with my reliable workhorse, she just works as sturdy as a swiss pocket knife.
So this good shave didn't come as a surprise. DFS + today.
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Adjustable April Day 28

Razor: Gibbs 9
Blade: Feather
Brush: Rubberset 400 / Oumo Silvertip
Soap: MWF


This is arguably the most sought of the Gibbs razors. Its nickname is "Click" because the TopCap flips open by pushing the bottom of the handle, so is a one-piece. Its a zamak razor and the handle is aluminium which is surprisingly grippy. It also uses non-modified blades.

How does it shave:
The TopCap is angular so the angles are more-or-less set for you. Personally (and contrary to popular opinion) they come nowhere close to their more "plentiful" adjustable sibling. I find them to be a bit too mild. I also favor handles somewhere around 75-80mm in length so find the handle a bit long.

Happy Shaves everyone.
Rex Ambassador (4-4-3)
Treet 7 Days Platinum
Zingari Man - The Gent
Proraso Green splash

I gambled on Treet 7 day platinums. A very modest gamble as I only paid 8 euro's for 100 blades but man, what a great first shave. From what I gather on the forum they seem to be pretty durable as well, so I might have actually found my new go to blade.

Also first use of the Proraso green splash. I already have the balm but have been enjoying slightly mentholated splashes since winter has passed. This stuff feels pretty great and come at a modest price.

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