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Adhesive Material for a Paddle Strop

If I want to make a paddle strop and use either hard pressed felt, or leather, what is the best adhesive to "glue" it that it won't seep through the material? If this is covered in another thread, please feel free to point me in the right direction - thanks.
I use this stuff...


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Gamma makes some killer paddle strops. He should be by here soon, but if not shoot him a pm and ask what he uses.
I like to use waterproof epoxy, it fills imperfections at the seam/edge very well. Takes a bit of work to clean up afterwards but if you do it within a day it trims off well and then sanding it down is a breeze. It also has a bit of 'give' to it, sorta like silicone but not as much, so if the wood or leather 'moves' from age or humidity I'd like to think it'll be more forgiving than a harder type of glue.
Dumb question of the day: Is the waterproof epoxy different from marine two part epoxy?

Thanks all, for the recommendations.
Double-sided contact film, a.k.a. cold-press adhesive. You can find it in a decent artist-supply store. I made a killer paddle using it with some scraps of leather that one our respected strop-makers kindly sent me.
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3M or Loctite brand spray adhesive works for me. I use that stuf for all kinds of jobs. Rubber cement or contact cement will work. Epoxy should work fine. Spray will be cheaper tho. Don't use gorilla glue. It expands as it cures. Regular white glue is water soluble and needs to be clamped good while it sets.
Hmmm, must be something wrong with my PC. I can't seem to see the paddle strop? :bored:

I should have known to include a pic - doh! But honestly, I really don't feel worthy because I didn't make the wood part - all I did was cut a piece of hard pressed felt and glued it to a paddle strop that I already had. But here it is anyway, before it's cleaned up:


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I have used the 3M spray contact glues on my paddles for years. The higher the number the better the bond. They will soft with alcohol though so if using spray abrasives check to see if they are water or alcohol based. If alcohol spray on sparingly, let the solvent evaporate completely then apply another layer etc. A heavy, wet application will soften the 3M glue.
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